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  1. Received notification from Northampton Court that a claim has been made against me from Lowell Portfolio 1 in respect to Hutchinson 3G with regards to a contract I apparently got in in August 2013, the claim was made through the small claims court for £190. I have not had a contract in my name from that period, I did apply for one but was turned down on my credit status, I have sent my defence in through the money claim website, but I want to know is it illegal for a company to obtain money illegally knowing that you don't have a contract with them?
  2. *UPDATE* Npower have whilst I was out contracted another company called SECUS Ltd to turn up and gain access to my property, they have now removed the meter and installed a pre-payment, I am now taking legal action against Npower and SECUS Ltd for breaking the Section 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights, Secus Ltd claim it's not down to them but Npower, I even had the letter out on show that say's EDF Energy with the contracted date, because SECUS ltd broke into the property and changed the meter are they the ones responsible for replacing the meter back to the debit meter or is this now a matter for the courts?
  3. This is an enquiry only If a vehicle is registered with DVLA as sorn and is parked on a driveway of a HA tenant, can the HA come knocking at your door to tell you that unless you remove the vehicle from your driveway they will get it towed away? This is basically where you pay the rent and council tax in full and your car is on the driveway of the property you rent but do not have a garage
  4. We also do not know if the OPs neighbors have complained as they didn't mention it
  5. When the router drops the connection, resetting the laptop does nothing, however on the router the flickering lights end up going solid to the point where I have either 2, 3 or 4 solid green lights, Basically everytime I lose connection I have to switch the router off then back on. Just to get internet again, so I know it's not my laptop
  6. It's the Broadband and Telephone Line I have, I am thinking of switching both to Sky as I've not had any problems in the past with sky
  7. I do not have another router available as yet to try, talk talk promised me a replacement router to try out but still waiting on it to arrive
  8. Yes the router was supplied by them, I have 2 laptops one for me the other is for my O/H both brand new laptops, but it seems strange since the drop outs only started 8 days ago When the router drops connection not even wired would do anything. I've not changed anything with the way it's plugged in, it's been the same way for over a year
  9. 8 Days now and I've had problems keeping the Internet going as it keeps dropping, I have to keep resetting it every single time, I've phoned them up about 5 times and now I've given up hope The questions I get asked are: 1. Make and Model of Router? Huawai HG523a 2. Am I using wired or wireless connection? wireless 3. Is there any problem with calls, i.e. receiving calls for someone else? Nope 4. Am I using laptop or desktop? Laptop 5. What Operating system am I using? Windows 8 6. What Browser am I using? Chrome 7. Have I tested the test socket? Yes 8. Have I got sky tv? Nope 9. Can you switch your router off and on? do that everytime broadband drops 10. can you access this webpage talktalk.co.uk? yes when I reset router I've no idea what these questions have to do with broadband down time, but when I answer them, they reply with we've done checks our end and you have a connection. So there is nothing we can do. Seems they are oblivious to admit that the router is now faulty. What Is my legal stance on this and can I withhold payment from them, I sure am thinking about switching providers, this is the only time it's happened in 12 months
  10. I've not received a bill from EDF as yet as i've recently moved into the property hence why I was asking, The only info I have from EDF is my welcome pack and confirmation about my direct debit
  11. Now I'm somewhat confused here. I've just received a letter through my door from a company calling themselves Utility Management Services, stating that intend to apply to court for a warrant of execution to change the meter from contract to prepay due to an outstanding amount, I'm with EDF energy and I set this up when I moved into the property, are they allowed to turn up with a warrant of entry or not? there is no email address on the form only a registered office address, what would my legal stance be if they do turn up with a locksmith to gain entry and start removing the meter?
  12. Not sure where I stand with this at it seems a bit strange in my opinion as to why they would do such a thing. Any way this is this situation. Last month I applied for a credit agreement with JDWilliams and was accepted with a credit Limit of £125, so a month later I decided to use the account to purchase a Camcorder for £50 and use my 10% off and claim my free holiday bag, Order goes through no problem and I receive the email confirming this, Next day was also requested, so I got up to wait for the delivery to arrive, 6pm Still no item, so I logged into my account and my credit limit of £125 was removed and my order cancelled, I've received no email from them about this and I don't owe JDWilliams any money. I have sent a complaint asking for an explanation as to why they cancelled my credit limit and my order but they have not responded even though they said I would hear within 3 days. My question is this: Can they cancel a credit agreement after a purchase has been made without notifying the customer? and What action should I now take? The only way I am able to purchase from them is by credit/debit card only now, which I don't want to do as I would prefer to pay upon receipt of approval.
  13. I've got a payment plan set up via CCCS to pay £5 per week to the council.
  14. Hi, I too have an outstanding amount on my council tax bill, the Bailiff who turned up was from Rossendales, however I wasn't about when he arrived but got a letter stating that he would return and gain entry to remove goods of value from the property even if I was absent from the property, I have emailed Rossendales and stated that should the enforcement/bailiff officer force entry into the property to remove such goods they would be billed for the damage to the door and for the replacement of goods that they stole, I am privately renting so all goods of value belong to the landlord and not me, question is can they remove goods from the property that are not mine but my landlords, I have removed my goods about 2 months ago as I am having to move out, can I sue Rossendales for theft should they force entry to the property when I am not about due to moving home?
  15. The good news is she has emailed Robinson Way and informed them that she will not be providing them with her signature. She has also informed them that she has classed this debt on indefinite hold as it's a police matter and should they continue to send her threatening letters again, she will report them to the police for harassment, perjury and attempting to prevert the course of Justice, So far robinson way have not replied back. We will keep you informed.
  16. *UPDATE* Robinson Way have now contacted my partner, asking for the following information: A signature on official documentation Proof of residence when the loan was taken out. As this matter is being dealt with by Staffordshire police, she has informed Robinson Way that the signature will be provided direct to the Police and that as this is 100% fraud that she has declared this debt as an indefinite hold. Should she provide robinson way with proof of residence and a copy of her signature on official documentation or should she cease all future contact with Robinson Way and let the police deal with it?
  17. *UPDATE* Partner received the evidence from Robinson Way with regards to her debt (or so they claim it's her debt) I noticed the following mistakes on it instantly, the debt was a loan taken out by her ex husband back in 2004, on the loan papers it's his name only, the credit agreement has his signature and what seems to look like an attempt to forge her maiden name signature, yet Robinson Way write to her under her maiden name. She has filed a fraud allegation and got the CRN and has been to the police who took her statement. Now Robinson Way are demanding that she makes full payment with 10 working days or they will take action against her. The Police managed to get the debt held. Also when I have contacted Robinson Way on her behalf they refuse to talk to me without written consent from her, claiming it's under the DPA that stops that communicating with me. Is this true or are they just holding out until they receive her signature so that they can forge it onto the documents?
  18. Wonder if anyone can help with this query My Girlfriend is with talktalk for phone and broadband, however since Thursday 28th July 2011 when she picks up the phone all she gets is an engaged tone without even dialling the number and when dialling the number all she is getting is 'The number you have dialled is currently not accepting incoming calls at present, please try again later' her modem only has 2 green lights on it one being the power light the other the wireless light, this all happened from about 3pm as she had full service before hand. She lives in Stafford and I was wondering if there are any other CAG members here who are on talk talk who have had problems or whether it's her line. The other query is can I actually check her IP address to see if it has failed?
  19. My new partner has received a letter from Robinson Way Limited (ex LSB) for a debt of £2,324.24 under her old married name. She knows who has set the account up but has been advised by her solicitor that it's not a matter for the courts to deal with as it's not a criminal matter, Is there any legal stance that she could take to get this debt wiped off completely as the person involved in setting it up was her ex husband getting his own back on her because she left him back in 2006 due to his violent behaviour
  20. Court action being taken against me now for non payment of a tv licence, tv has now gone.
  21. Received today a court summons to attend court in a different town to where I live, I have disconnected my TV package and I'm waiting for my ex wife to collect her TV from my house. Do I need to attend court or not?
  22. I said the TV was on not that I was receiving any channels, the TV licence is extra money in the pockets of the BBC and is only for use of the BBC channels, as I don't watch any BBC channels I don't see why I have to pay the licence, after all £145.50 per year for BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and BBC iPlayer is stupid especially since they only show repeats. The TV Licencing people get high salaries from people who pay their licence, if you have a duff tv where you only watch ITV and channel 4 and Channel 5 and sky or virgin channels then you have to pay the BBC their licence fee to watch one of their rival broadcasters channels. Basically if you are PAYING for a TV LICENSE from this PRIVATE COMPANY you are being DECEIVED and if you REFUSE to PAY they will use a STATEMENT (CONTRACT) so you can PUNISH yourself by your own ACTions. Without DECEIVING you into this, there is nothing they can do and this is quite EVIDENT by their own DOCUMENTATION. Pleas click the image above for more information. See this link --->http://www.tpuc.org/stoppayingtvlicencefees
  23. Didn't invite him in, the TV was on but on low volume and had the heat alarm going off, I made sure that he couldn't get passed me as I claimed I had my little girl in the property, so I dealt with him at the door and the curtains were closed so he couldn't see in.
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