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  1. The letter you have received from Unicom clearly states 'Your existing agreement(s) will continue and there is no need for you to enter into a new agreement with Unicom.' Quote this to them in your letter. However, lets just say then that IF Unicom have changed your Ts and Cs there are certain Ofcom rules they must follow:- Under General Condition 9.3, communications providers must provide customers for whom a change is likely to be of material detriment with one month’s notice of the change. Customers must also be informed that they are entitled to terminate their c
  2. Hi There are many more having the same problem as you and a lot of help and advice can be found on these links http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews140628.html http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/search.php?searchid=124033781 I have just spoken to a Company Law Lawyer about this and his words were "tell them to get stuffed" Your contract is with Elite and presumably you have had a letter from Unicom notifying you of the take over and that your Terms & Conditions remain the same. The contract was assigned by Elite and provided you have not make a verbal
  3. Thanks to you all who advised. I am glad to say that Npower have agreed to write off the standing order charges of £1620 and I have agreed to pay for the small amount of usage so good result.
  4. Hi, Did you change your mind about setting up a website? Hope they didn't get to you. Best wishes Rmj
  5. Hi, Well – it appears that they had been sending the bills and statements to an incorrect address (in another county) and when I did finally received something from them last week and responded, they might have hoped that I would feel intimidated enough to pay up quickly and quietly if they send a ‘Final Demand’ with threats of legal action. As it happens, it was sheer luck that I received the final demand as that was also incorrectly addressed! What I can’t understand is why they have continued to ‘supply’ electricity for 8 years when bills were unpaid and why they made no attempt t
  6. Thank you for the replies - they are very helpful The tenants gave notice in May 2004 and the meter was never read until last week. The small amount of usage might well have happened 8 years ago when the tenants were moving their things out after they had given a final reading. As far as I am aware, once we switched the meter off in 2004, it was never turned back on again. If I had been contacted by Npower during these 8 years and I was aware of who the supplier was, I would have either asked for the electricity to be disconnected or had chosen a different tariff with no standing cha
  7. Can anyone please advise. We own a commercial property that has stood empty for 8 years. Prior to this we had leased the property to a small business and when they left in 2004, we turned off the electricity at the mains and to my knowledge, it has never been turned back on. I was unable to find out who the supplier was and I waited for someone to contact me to arrange for the electricity supply to be disconnected. No correspondence arrived until last week After 8 years and out of the blue, I have received statements from Npower for the sum of £1,6
  8. Hi - Yes, I can help here. When you are up & running and I have a contact address I can send you a large number of links to sites where Unicom customers have left complaints and all sorts of other information about them. I have never used Wordpress but I will have a go. Someone else had tried to do what you intend to do with a website called switchingon.info but it no longer exists - as is the case with many other complaint sites and threads that were taken down for one reason or another! I tried to send you a personal message and leave links on here but I don't have enough posts so
  9. Hi DM Well done and I am looking forward to seeing your site up and running. They annoyed me a great deal also when I tried to leave them at the end of my 3 year contract but thankfully the matter is now resolved after quite a battle. I do however keep an occasional eye on what they are up to and am horrified by some of the stories I am reading. CAB is an excellent site but your post is buried on page 2 of the thread and not easily visible. Have you thought about creating a new thread? Or have you thought about posting your message on any of these other sites as well? Revie
  10. Hi, in addition to the advice you have already had, you might find good advice on the site below in particular 'Kate's' postings who has been very helpful to others having similar problems to yours (I can't leave a link as I don't have enough 'posts' but if you google "I am being pressured by a debt collection agency Cleardebt" it will find it for you You might also be interested to look at this article in the Daily Express. (Again, I can't leave a link but if you type "Unicom Daily Express" it finds it Good luck with them
  11. There's a thing! Elite Calls share the same postal address as Unicom as well as email address and are almost certainly the same company under another name. I can't leave a link but Google will find another link worth looking at by typing 'Unicom Unfair Contracts and Scams' Dreadful dreadful company - advise don't touch with a bargepole.
  12. Hi Waggy 50 If you made a verbal agreement with Unicom between 8th August 2006 to 18th July 2007, the information below about the the Ofcom investigation of Unicom might be of interest to you. I am not allowed to post a link as I don't have enough posts but if you Google 'Ofcom Investigation Unicom' it should find it for you. I have just copied and pasted the paragraph that might apply to you. Good luck with them! RMJ Update note – 5 November 2007 In response to the notification issued to Unicom on 18 July 2007, Unicom wrote to Ofcom setting out its proposals to remedy the notif
  13. Hi Ask Unicom for a recording of the conversation they had with your other half in 2010. As part of the Data Protection Act 1998 they are obliged to provide you with details of any personal information they hold on you. You need to ask for this information in writing (any notes and recordings) and they are allowed to charge up to £10 to supply this information. They have 40 days from receiving your letter to provide you with the information you have requested and if they don’t, you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office. I don’t know of any ‘test cases’ regardin
  14. Hi Sally Having had a bad experience with Unicom last year and having kept a close eye on their antics ever since then, and being as you only have 6 months left, my advice would be to ‘bite the bullet’ as you have said until next April. Make absolutely sure though that your written cancellation is sent by recorded delivery so that they receive it at least 3 months before the end of the contract. I would also back your letter up with a few emails just to make sure they get the message. I have read of instances where Unicom will try to automatically renew a 3 year contract if the cancellatio
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