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  1. Oh cool. Then that's made me feel a little better. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep an eye on my file.
  2. So, I should just write to the bank again, rephrasing myself? I did wonder about the default itself though; is it issued on the date of the letter - or is it only issued once the 14 days they give you to pay have elapsed? I paid the balance and closed the account 10 days before I received the notice through the post (although four days after the actual date on the notice.) Nothing's yet showing on my file, as it hasn't been updated yet.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm just looking for a bit of advise really. Santander have treated me very unfairly. I opened an account with them via the Internet last May, with the intention of using it for my work expenses. I never ended up using it. Never paid a pound into it. Now, this is my own fault, but as the account was dormant I never opened any mail from them. I just assumed it to be junk. Then I receive a call from them to say this account was £350 overdrawn. Turns out they'd charged me £5 underfunding fee, which then took me overdrawn for which they then charged me £50. This
  4. Hi guys, complicated one this is, so bear with me. Opened a Smile student account in 2000 with an overdraft. Used it fine for three years through uni. Then, when I got employment in 2002 - got a new current account with a different bank and started to pay off Smile Overdraft and a small Smile Visa card using a debt management company (basically because I had a few other debts and I hated having to deal with banks in those days). But this was a big mistake. The debt management co. basically paid the co-op £12 a month for years (the overdraft was originally something like £2000). All t
  5. Yes, thank you. That may be the best route; like I said, don't want to be vindictive - just want to be fair. In general I'm often too easy going and helpful (hence the offer to help her move in) and it usually ends up in me being mugged off. Thanks for the replies guys, this foray into being a live-in landlady is certainly an experience!
  6. Could a 'contract' have been established by the fact she paid the advance rent? An obvious act of intent?
  7. No, she didn't. As a lodger rather than a tenant, I assumed the whole legal standing was more relaxed...
  8. Hi there, and firstly hi to everyone. I've been a long time lurker, but this is my first post. So hello! I decided to rent out my spare room following a split with my partner last year. A lady visited, we got on, so she said she'd take the room and a move in date was agreed. This date had been agreed for two weeks - I'd even arranged to get a van and help her move - despite her living 80 miles away. Anyway - last night, the day before she was due to move in, she informed me that she'd found somewhere else. I was obviously quite annoyed - as I'd arranged to leave work early, hire a va
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