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  1. Nevermind issue resolved although I am certainly not a fan of how they dealt with this. They could send an engineer and fix it then say it was your fault. It would be impossible for you to contest this. Always get an Independent engineer to protect yourself
  2. If this incident was 300 miles do you know the date they are saying it happened? Chances are you may beable to prove you was in a totally different location like at work etc? Also i would try and reverse the onus on them. As you was not driving at the time what proof does she have she was in your car. I think they are being chancers and hoping to scare you into paying, but if they have no good evidence then you having nothing to worry about and they will give up.
  3. Good job labrat you do what I do, if I get through to someone that is obviously unhelpful I just hang up and redial, every company has useless staff and the trick is not to waste your time on them. I even offer to send them a copy of the recording of the call. With the Watchdog story I thought people coming round to peoples houses doing work and turning round saying they are not qualified is a bit daft. However I am surprised they ran the story about the lady that lost pictures of her grand kids because the computer went faulty. How is the data on your computer the responsibility of a retailer
  4. Matt this thread requires your attention... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?279474-Comet-faulty-fridge-freezer-claiming-repair
  5. Interesting how comet response skipped over this one Nice cherry picking....
  6. This is all very unhand to me not even giving you a report on work you have paid for. Is the item in question used in a business environment or in a garage or cold place? cos it sounds like the thermostat has gone again.
  7. It seems they are referring to ground rent do you have receipts of paying this? Who do you normally pay this too if so contact them and find out why have they not notified you of this and past it straight on to a DCA. I wouldn't be worried at this point if i were you. Hopefully a more experienced Cagger will come along but if you read threads about DCAs you will worry not about some of the words on the letter Something I have noticed is there was a payment due on 28th sept and it has already been past to a debt collection agency with in 9 days... something is not right in my opinion.
  8. I am guessing you have tried the internet to no luck and guess Orange are not much use either. There is something called TPS where companies can be fined for calling you if you are on this list but it does not apply to international companies. I wonder if pressing 1 would take you through to an advisor if that is, then maybe play along with them and see if you can find out if it is a UK based company. If so raise a complaint to OFCOM, not sure if anyone has got any better ideas.
  9. In regards to DSR as your mentioned the 7 days return starts from when the item is delivered to you or in your case when you started using the service. I need some clarification on the .NET part did they advertise as having .NET such and such running when in fact it wasn't? or wasn't set up correctly? If so if you have evidence of this you can reject the goods as you say they were miss advertised and not fit for purpose. Did you pay for just a month but they say the minimum is a year? If so as a gesture of goodwill to them I would say they can have the first month but not pay any more money. Do this in writing as it will be good evidence if they persue the money that you made a a fair offer to resolve the issue at the start.
  10. This is a very interesting case, the part in question should last 6 years as that is what is deemed a being an acceptable length of time. Unless you are using the item in a business environment or a cold location such as a Garage then this part should not fail within six years for domestic use. The problem you have here is the work was not done by an independent and they repaired the fault leaving you no chance to get someone else to look at it. I would escalate this to the MD of comet (maybe a fellow Cagger has their details). Advise them they was told that a part failed which is designed to be on all the time, and with the machine being used in the conditions as stated in the manual should never be classed as a wear and tear breakdown. Also raise your concerns about the agreement that Comet offer, which puts them at a very unfair advantage as it can never really be contested. It would be interesting to see what the breakdown of the cost is as a thermostat could be 14 odd pounds and the rest labour costs so when you raised an issue of the quality of the machine they took the oppertunity to use this to make a profit? I would raise these issues with your local trading standards as it just doesn't seem fair. If you want to go down the legal road as consumer direct say its difficult as you have no proof of what caused the fault but maybe a need would be required by comet to prove how its wear on tear on an item that is always on, the only defense to this is if as i say it was used in a business environment or in a cold place like a garage. I hope this helps and hope you get somewhere as you have been backed into a corner with no escape. PS. Also don't deal with BEKO your issue is with Comet and the quality of the goods they sold you.
  11. I need the assistance to review a letter I am sending anyone willing to take a look I will PM you.
  12. For something like a belt in a washing machine but if say the module or a pcb went pretty safe to say that is no fault of the user. Its not as hard as people think proving the fault was inherent at time of manufacture.
  13. Not to mention your statutory rights under the sales of goods act protects you for breakdowns which occur due to a manufacturing defect for up to 6 years. Granted the if the item is item is almost 5 years old you may only be part compensated, due to the age of the machine, but this with the premiums you have spent are more than likely greater than the cost of a new machine
  14. Tried to message you Seaside but it said your inbox is full
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