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  1. Hi honeybee and thanks for your response. I should of been clearer sorry. The issue is the estate agents have lied, covered things up and generally been aweful and my father therefore wants to use another estate agent to sell the property. It was his brother that signed paperwork with this estate agent, not my father. Would my father therefore be ok to go with another agent without them trying to claim? Surely they would have needed him to sign the contract in the first place being he is the executor and has probate for the estate and not his brother, who isn't named as a beneficiary fo
  2. Hi guys and girls, was hoping to get some friendly advice for an issue my father is facing at the moment involving estate agents and the selling of his others property. He has been lied to, ignored and generally treated badly by the estate agents to the point he wants to leave them and sign up with another. Basically his mum passed away leaving her house to be sold as part of the estate. With his brother they went to see this estate agent to get the property put onto the market. It was here that some paperwork was done (signing up), which my father didn't see nor sign, but his brother did.
  3. Just an update. Had an offer in relation to the single premium, this is without them even reading our letter and completed questionnaire, as they state in their investigation they had no information from us. Looks like they've sent this offer just as they received our complaint questionnaire and letter. Time to give them a ring Thanks again for your advice
  4. Hi dx and thank you once again for your feedback and help. Going through the figures and credit agreements we have, looking at one of the loans, where I have consolidated (approx 3rd time consolidating), the existing debt was about £6500, the additional lending was £2000 and the ppi paid via single premium was £1800 not including interest, so the ppi paid is the same as the actual extra lending.....its criminal! I have consolidated about 5 times and each time paid upfront, no loan has run its length, just a new loan, new ppi. I understand the obus
  5. Hi dx, Got the template letter for the sar, which I will send off by Monday. Have also typed up a letter to the bank, explaining why I feel have been mis sold, was going to see what u think of the letter. Also have the completed questionnaire. Have all the loan policy numbers, loan amounts including the ppi, policy first and last payments, along with a couple of the original loan agreement Was thinking of sending the letter and questionnaire at same time as sar request (Seperate posted), so as to get the complaint logged and start being looked at seeing as they have 8weeks to lo
  6. Hi Does anybody have a copy of the policy books for 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2005 Thanks
  7. Hi dx and thank you for responding. A couple of questions if you don't mind. I will send Lloyd's a SAR today, which I understand they have 40 days to respond to, what is it exactly that I would be hoping to get from them. (Sorry if this sounds stupid) You mention about getting things right, which of course is what I'm aiming to do, could you elaborate a bit further on this please if you don't mind thanks. I'm just concerned that I won't explain things right when filling out the paperwork and get rejected (not always the best at explaining things), or say the w
  8. Hi, Hopefully someone here can help or give me some advice regarding ppi and this single premium ppi. since 1999 my partner has had several loans with lloydstsb including credit cards. The first loan she took out in 1999 (struggling to find details except for policy number), the next in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005. Each of the these policies had ppi on them, paid for as 'premium advanced as part of loan', I believe also known as single premium ppi. Each loan from 2001 was a consolidation of debts (2001-£2500, 2003-£5500, 2004-£8000, 2005-£16000), and thus none
  9. I have also found problems witha vehicle purchased from car giant, which is still in the process of trying to resolve, have you sent details of your case/others to trading standards/watchdog etc as of yet?
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