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  1. Many thanks for this, I have already botched a mail together and sent to them, Might be an idea for a mod ( if reading this ) to add Little L. script as sticky for people to refer to and change accordingly for there purposes. cheers
  2. ??? with said loan company yes i have something in place. others i am still going back and forth with ( email ) cheers
  3. no being rude but where? i've since sent off a cobbled together one...we'll see how it pans out. cheers
  4. Hi Looking for some advice on how to proceed with an issue i have ( 3mnths arrears @ £140 mnth ) with BOS. Currently I have not as of yet called or written to them ( the same cannot be said for them ). I will be back on track end of this month to continue with the reg. payments but will not have the funds to pay the arrears ( this will change in 3/4 months as I'm selling my mothers house and will be able to pay off the loan in full * funeral expenses are what placed me in this position * ). So in short how would you proceed now with the bank ( BOS ), should I call them or write a letter ** if this, please could someone point me to a good template letter re. my situation ** Step by step instructions please, not had to do anyhting like this before apart from some PDL companies. Many many thanks. R.
  5. Well I have defaulted on 6 Payday loans and have sent off an email to each of them. First back is SAFELOAN, Without any hassle they have agreed to my payplan of £75 a month with £95 on final month, sent bank details to setup standing order and a written mail which I have to reply to which will be the written confirmation between us of said agreement. I've a feeling not all others will be as accommodating but its a great start to sorting this mess out. cheers
  6. when i reply to the mail from them ( [email protected] ) the mail gets bounced back. Any ideas re. another address to send mails to. cheers
  7. All I need ( not from the letters section here ) is a script to mail to request payment plan request and to freeze interest on account ETC. Someone MUST of sent this kind of request to a company, Please PM what you sent if you do not want to post here. REALLY URGENT. *PLEASE* cheers
  8. thanks for that scott BUT...... "Can anyone point me to a template to send off to companies to freeze interest / arrange plan etc or PM me an example of what you have sent." Unable to find one in the reg. template thread. Fully aware of the LINK you pasted but i'm not the brightest star out there and would like some further help to make the letter look n read just right. cheers
  9. As per my other post which was a bit long winded. Can anyone point me to a template to send off to companies to freeze interest / arrange plan etc or PM me an example of what you have sent. Unable to find one in the reg. template thread. Be nice to get the ball rolling today. cheers rob.
  10. First off this forum is a godsend, Spent a few days browsing the threads. Hats off to the people that take time help. Righto. 1) I have 6 payday day loans and like a lot of others here have been paying off interest and reloaning for god knows how long. Decicded this has to stop. 2) People I have loans with are below and how much I am prepared to pay. Wonga : 420 / can pay 75 month. Payday Express : 600 / can pay 75 month Payday UK : 420 / can pay 75 month Safeloan : 310 / can pay 50 month Quickquid : 250 / will pay off in full next month if they hold interest / charges. Cash Genie : 100 / will pay off in full next month. 3) Does that look reasonable, If the interest is frozen theres a good chance i will be able to pay them off quicker, Anyone had any dealing with SAFELOAN?, Most of the other firms have a thread or two dedicated to them ( so will gather info from them ). 4) Wonga are going to be nightmare aren't they 5) REALLY IMPORTANT : could someone point me to a TEMPLATE ( is there one for payday loans in the letters section? ) to send first of all to these guys once I have defaulted re. freezing interest / setting up plan / make offer etc. Many many thanks for reading and I will keep you guys upto date on how things work out and no doubt will be back for some more advice. cheers rob.
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