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  1. Even if I haven't paid it? What should I do, just print off all of the emails and go down and ask to speak to someone? What should I tell the police, if I say I didn't pay it it wouldn't be classed as theft would it?
  2. Sorry to add again, I called Halifax to explain the overdraft situation, they said they can't do anything and that it was my fault for spending the payment wonga gave me, what the hell??? Some bank they are, what can I do??
  3. I also meant to add, i've got about 5 emails over the past few months from them saying "Thanks for repaying the outstanding debt you owed us .............", why did they send me them.
  4. Many thanks for the great reply. What will I do about overdraft fees. My bank are charging me £5 a day! I have no money to put into the bank. Also technically i'm not on benifits yet, because i've never been on JSA before I have to wait until friday to goto an interview. Should I still do all of that?
  5. First of all if you could all read this, it's my first post from a few months ago: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?251036 I just checked my bank account this morning to find out wonga took £330 from my account!!! That's £120 interest, how the hell do they have the right to add interest onto something that was their mistake. Also I sent them a letter saying I could repay in installments which they NEVER got back about, they tried calling but I clearly stated on the letter I wish to be wrote to. Also the fact that I "lost" my card after the loan, how did they acquire my new debit card details!? What can I do, surely I can take them to court?? I lost my job 3 days ago, that money was all I had left to fend for myself and my child. I now am £200+ overdrawn below my £100 overdraft. Which also means halifax will charge me £5 a day. What can I do??? Thanks, James.
  6. Thanks for the advice, hate the way they add hidden charges.
  7. Just wondering, I activated my new credit card on Friday and the girl got me into accepting PPI. I thought it was a good idea as it's only 79pence per £100 which isn't much. Should I cancel, is it worth it?
  8. Thanks for the tip and help. My friend done this with his Lotus, he insured under a clio and drove his Lotus Elise, i'm not wanting to do that but he got away with it for years legally. He was always getting stopped by the police however... I just need a bigger and more dependable car.
  9. Ok first of all, if you are a squeeky clean rich person you may leave now as this may upset you. I'm just wondering if this is "technically" possible. I am a young father and times are tough at the moment, I have to drive 30 minutes to work every morning and evening and need a good well structured car as my current 2000 Astra is giving me nothing but problems. We all know car insurance for under 24's is a rip-off for those like myself who drive responsibly. Is it possible to keep my insurance for my current Astra (comprehensive) and get a bigger car (like a jeep or a good 4x4), put it in my partner/father/mothers name and drive under third party even though the car has no insurance? I have called my insurance company and asked them is it possible for me to drive another car third party, they said it was... I went online and got quotes of £3000+ for it, which is impossible for me to afford. I'm not wanting to do this to be able to speed around in a ferrari, I just think it's completely ridiculous the prices. I have 2 years no claims bonus. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the help, I'm writing another letter to them today. I removed all of my details from it. I'll post the letter when it's done here and people can review it before I send it off. I appreciate everyones help.
  11. Hi all, I sent the letter with the only reply stating they recieved it and tried to contact me with no luck (i got no phone calls), just recieved this email this morning: What should I do, surely they cannot add interest to this! I cannot afford to give them any money at the moment i'm struggling to keep food on the table and petrol in the car! Thanks, James.
  12. Thanks, just hope the address is right lol.
  13. Many thanks! Should I send it to the correspondence address? Title the letter complaint? It's complicated the link in the initial post will explain the situation. Basically I owe them money but it's their fault.
  14. I've re-worded the letter and changed the post. Can someone give me the address please, I would highly appreciate it.
  15. I just called my bank and said I "lost" my card. Is there any other way they can take money from my bank, i.e. sort code and acc number? They DO have my sort code and account number, also checking my wonga account it say's that the £211.58 will be deducted on 31st March. Can I ring my bank and explain the situation and put a hold on any money being taken from my account from wonga?
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