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  1. Well I wish I had found this forum before I purchased my sofas from this dreadful company. My problem was actually with the delivery company that is 'alledgedly' independant of the store. I sent the following letter I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction in which the way my wife and I have been treated by ‘Exclusive Leather Sofas’. The sales assistant **edit** told us in store that we would have our new sofas within ‘about a week’, now just short of 3 weeks later my wife receives a call this morning to say that the delivery service is a man short and can we postpone delivery until Monday. My wife explained that this was unacceptable due to the timescale we have already waited and due to us having no sofas having gotten rid of our old ones as planned. Thankfully the lady on the phone managed to arrange delivery as promised. Upon arrival the delivery men were met by my wife given refreshment etc. and they bought the first sofa up the stairs, at this point my wife noticed that the dust sheet was torn and that as per my instructions rang me to inform me that all was not 100% as promised by **edit**. I spoke with **edit** at the Cannock store who was most helpful and said that it was not a problem and that a professional upholsterer would be able to come out and sort out this problem. The real problems then begin as the delivery men attempt to get the 3 seater sofa up our stairs and into the living room to no avail, their attempts have left our freshly painted walls marked and scuffed which is totally unacceptable. They claim it was not mentioned to them that it was upstairs. My answer to this is as follows 1.**edit** was told that we live in a three storey house and that the living room was on the second floor, we were told that this was not a problem and the delivery men are trusted by yourselves. 2. I was assured by **edit** that the delivery company you use are professionals and that for our protection it is best that they are used, as if any damage is incurred then they are responsible, it was not stated whether this was damage to the sofas or to our house but we can discuss this. 3. If the living room was on the ground floor I would have no need for delivery men as my brother runs his own courier company and has several large vans that we could have loaded the sofas into and sorted this ourselves. My wife is 5 months pregnant , and obviously quite stressed at the moment anyway, apparently when she was in a state on the telephone you in an attempt to calm her down said, “Calm Down, calm down or you’ll die” This of course is not satisfactory and my wife put the phone down on you, please understand that as customers paying out £2500.00 for two sofas that with these problems my wife has a right to be irate especially as we were told we were dealing with a friendly Family run business. My wife then asked a good friend of mine to come over and help the delivery men, (these being the men that I have already paid £69.99 to). The delivery men then made a call to someone from your company and were told to remove the arms of the sofa, having done this they were able to get the sofa upstairs with no problems whatsoever, so my question to you is, why didn’t they do this before scratching my wall to pieces? To top the whole incident off, my wife then found an inch or so square of what appears to be marked blue leather, this is such a disappointment as we once again were assured by **editI** that all sofas were meticulously checked before leaving the warehouse, and the dust sheet on the 2nd sofa had to be ripped to get the arms off the sofa. On the delivery note it has been stated that we are only accepting these sofas on the condition that both dust sheets are repaired and that the mark on the 3 seater is removed 100% and if the leather is found to be faulty then we will want a replacement. I personally am most annoyed that the information regarding the living room being on the second floor was not conveyed, my walls are scratched and now require repainting!, and that the sofa was sent out with this defect. To conclude I wish to have the delivery fee fully refunded by the delivery company to cover the cost and hassle of repainting, this incident has left a very sour taste in mouths and I wish to hear your comments on this matter and how you intend to make this fiasco right. **Edit**never called however I did get to speak with the legendary **edit** (Manageress), all the reports on this forum are true, she was unsympathetic and very unhelpful. Eventually she said she would give 50% of the delivery back (only after I had sent photographic evidence of the damaged wall). I am not happy with the outcome and would never buy anything from this company ever again!
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