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  1. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply! Do you think that if this isn't mentioned in the contract, or I haven't signed the contract and it is mentioned I am able to ditch them and crack on?
  2. Hi, I have been using the same letting agent since I purchased my first property 12 months ago. I have only had the same tenant for this period and he has been pretty good. The letting agents however have consistently failed to relay messages and been pretty poor. Considering I pay near £70 a month for their services I was thinking of letting them go. I phoned them the other day to discuss, and they told me that I would have to pay 6 months fees (£700) if I was to stop using them as an agent yet keep the same tenant on myself. I cannot see this clause in any contract I have with them (in fact, I don't think I ever signed a contract with them, possibly just saw one through email and instructed via email). Considering I had to pay a hefty tenant find fee (£399, reduced from £499 as I was taking allowing them to manage the property) I do not see why I should be paying this £700 to them. I have paid them for the introduction, and paid them for work to date. Can anyone advise if this is normal? If there is any way around it or how I would tackle this one? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello All, I have just returned home after a holiday to find a PCN from liverpool city council. I was driving in a bus lane on Old Heymarket street on the 28th Dec 2010. I do not really have much to contest as the footage clearly shows that I was in the wrong, however they have spelt my name completely wrong. They have addressed the letter to Grahame not Graeme, is there a case for appeal based upon these grounds? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kind Regards
  4. Hi all, Im new to this forum but hopefully will become a valued member! I have done a quick search and there is one similar thread but I think they have had more luck than me. I recently won an item on ebay, for a really cheap price. I used shiply to find a courier and paid the initial deposit which goes to Shiply and is calculated as a % of the total courier fees. (total fee £30, shiply deposit £7.50) A day before scheduled collection the seller got cold feet and said that the item was damaged (I dont particularly believe them but the outcome is the same), therefore the courier cancelled and informed me that I can get a refund through shiply. "on shiply the deposit you paid is your commitment to the transaction thus it is only refundable when the transport provider fails to provide the service because of their own reasons. in this occasion since the reason for cancellation is on your side the deposit is non refundable" - email from them. I cannot belive this is legal, it is not fully mentioned in their T+C it says any party can make a claim for refund and to cancel the contract, furthermore if there is a penalty surely it should be at a set rate, yes for me here it is only £7.50, however if the same thing had happened on a transfer costing £10000, they would simply keep a huge percentage of this.....? something seems wrong, but as I have seen this company looks great, good website but fails to perform on customer service, I hope others see this thread before doing too much business through them Any help would be great! Kind regards
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