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  1. Thats just it Fluffy.... I HAVE accepted it... and ive sent off that email & letter from Kelcou... Ive started to do a stat dec... Ive been in touch with about 15 different solicitors and only 1 of them was any help...Ive rung debtlines and everything... ANYTHING that has been suggested to me i have tried... So i HAVE tried everything... Its my partners stoopid fault for getting into this mess... he should have just paid his parking ticket... and now as we're together i have to help him out... As i said before its not a fact of whether to pay or not... it was because they wanted my stuff
  2. Hi all..... Thanks again for all your amazing advice... they've got me pretty much over a barrel... Ive tried everything you all suggested and as i said before its not the fact it has to be paid its the fact that i knew nothing about it and im just glad Ive managed to buy time to be honest... seeing as we are still living together im going to have to help him pay it off... Ive been in touch with yet another solicitor and im in the process of doing one of those stat decs so if this ever happens again im covered... and if it does happen again ill be single too lol... Thanks again all
  3. Hiya.... Lol i havent disappeared... i was just updating everyone on here who offered advice as to whats happened this morning... The reason for DLA is Rheumatoid Arthritis... some days he can hardly move. Im not in dispute over the fact it has to be paid and it IS my fellas fine... but seeing as we're still together (dunno how but we are lol) we are a team and i will help him pay it off... i didnt mean i was going to solely pay it off... Hes a bit of an ass!! I was only saying ive managed to buy myself a bit over a month to sort this... instead of FRIDAY lol... xx
  4. Hi again all.... Ok ive been in touch with both courts... they said i cant do anything.... Ive run marstons... they couldnt do anything Ive rung my solicitor who said basically because his names on the tenancy agreement i cant protect my things without receipts... even i get get everything sworn by him they can still take it because it doesnt hold up in court... The bailiffs DO have the right to come in but not break in... So as a final resort i called the actual bailiff back... she said when reaslitically can i get this paid off in full so i said end of april... So shes gi
  5. WOW thanks for all the replies people... Unfortunatly the tenancy agreement is in both names... I actually wanted it only in mine and am having his name taken off it... So if im signing on and my fella is on DLA they pretty much cant do anything and its all been threats? That would make me very mad lol... i recently had to go for anger management so now i think im a little too calm... i am a big worrier though... my parent live 130 miles away and i was due to go there a week today but just cancelled because i dont want to come home to an empty house Im about to ring a sol
  6. I dont know... Ill ring the courts tomorrow ... BOTH of them and see if i can do anything through them... Your help so far has been AMAZING... might even sleep tonight.. I will keep you posted at what happens and will definately be donating to this site/you as soon as i have the cash to lol... Thanks xx
  7. oh yes... we only just moved to Wigan June 2009.. so he was Definatly in lincoln when it was done xx
  8. thats just it... i dont know if its been moved or what... if it was in 2008... that would have been in lincoln .... but on the only 2 things i have last nights and todays notices... it says HMCS wigan... so does that mean its gone through court in lincoln... then been passed to court in wigan... and hes ignored ALL of the letters from courts... because usually dont they send out a means form or something... i know i havent seen ANYTHING until the two from yesterday and today... She was going to clamp the car but saw on the tax disk that its registered disabled and provided by motabilty s
  9. Well... Haha... hes the one who shouted at ME for "blowing things out of proportion" He hasnt said anything about how much they were for and i asked him about the letters and he said he put them in the bin... Sorry:(
  10. Hi... Thanks for the extremely fast reply from what she told me its a Driving without 3rd party insurance and parking where prohibited... Sorry for putting name in.,... just get a bit carried away and im so so worried right now about everything
  11. Hi All I was away for the weekend and got back last night to find a red letter on my doorstep... It was from MARSTONS GROUP... Said that a Bailiff had been round and was coming back tomorrow (which is today) I missed the door this morning as was in the shower... and came downstairs to find another smaller card... I ran outside and she was still there... Heres where it gets complicated.... I spoke to her ( Didnt invite her in or anything like that... didnt sign anything) The actual warrent is in my partners name... and she told me that its a motoring offence from 2008...
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