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  1. Mine hasnt increased since then also. I have just recently spoke to ex as sees kids now and he told me he was promoted, so although I am not myself going to infomr csa as in his case he pays quite a bit already, I feel he should be doing it himself or I was under the misataken belief that akin to tax credits asking incomes each year I would have thought csa would once a year ask them to confirm incomes. We shouldnt be put in the postition of doing the chasing, thats what I thought the csa did Not fair.
  2. Didnt sky get away with the same thing? Sneaky the way they slide such changes in. Dont exactly pay for big adverts on these issues, do they
  3. Last time their ring back in plain speak meant I had to ring them up again. Tesco have you forgoton me? I am happy to eat my words!!!!! Or is it you have made so much profit on the food side that you have decided you dont want our money, aw nice:-D Just a suggestion, but you could move a bit of profit from say your broccoli and put it towards your decrepid telecoms banking systems. Do I really need to contact tesco brand main head office again, you know the dept that kicks you in the butt?
  4. Son tells me his class is mad about it. A kid applied for a part time job that required gcses, I presume when leaving school and he had attained (projected result) A star apparantly, the child was told underqualified as in no gcses. The parent apparantly is hopping mad and also ringing up the school. Fancy finding out a stars is underqualified through school not telling us the whole truth, poor kid thinks he has four grade a gcses.
  5. As to the nose, that explains why one side is always blocked and the other akin to niagra falls:lol: Well they told me they would see my son the following day and they didnt bother and due to me being so flued up Ive had to leave it for a while. I agree what you say about some kiddies better in that cant cope with gcses, but they have told me they cant understand why he wasnt put in for them and then a general metion of kids with english and maths difficulties. I know what the true issue is, my son had mild dyslexia and was prommised support when diagnosed by them, some sort of test that took a couple of years, I feel rather than diagnose and give the extra support which costs money, they put him in for btecs, but and the big but, they kept us out of the descision. So if a parents kids have dyslexia which entitles them to extra support, but doesnt mean they cant cope mentally with gcse, then they are labelled as behind in my opinion by this school. Son has no trouble reading, just is a little messy with the writing, but to be fair he has been overcomming this and only last week I was impressed by his improvement. Dont get me wrong if during their school report call to me they had said, well my son is doing as best as can considering or not doing required level, something that would have flagged up a competancy issue and I would have been warned they didnt think him up to gcses a while ago, I would have thought maybe he was in the correct subject and fine. But each time they have said he is doing great and exceeding targets and going to get higher scores than set and let me believe he will do fine as in CCCC going to be BBBB equivalent gcse. Then telling me he is a bright and able boy who will go far and then told by the way you are right your recent research into btecs is correct!!!!!! So their reports of his capability didnt sit right with the course they chose for him added with his own teachers didnt understand why he was put in btec, but a higher school rep generalised kids with certain issues. So you are right, the teachers who know dont make the descisions best for child, as in they hinted he should have been put in for gcse, but higher up who count scores for report table. Anyhow the parecetamol and flannels are starting to do their job, I got some sleep last night, yippee:lol: Odd thing is I went into the pharmecist who knows me and was told for my condition asthma and neurological I was taking the wrong flu meds and it was making me worse. They took time to show me another way to use the inhalors and told me to up the dose in a way which started to work, but the odd thing is I got a call from my doctors the following day asking me to go in the same day, but to be honest I was feeling too rough to get off my bot so put it off. They tell me they will ring in a couple of days to get me in then. So either a concerned chemist has rung my doctors or someone who knows me and saw me lose my balance in the supermarket, oh the embaresment. My last winge today is why oh why do we have to end up with the embaressing FAT LIPS (trout pout without the botox) and swollen nose that makes us look like we have walked into a bus:madgrin:when got the lurgey:lol: Not to turn the tummy I resorted to sticking tissue up my nose to allow me enogh time to make a cuppa without holding a towel!!!! The door knocked and it was the postie, who funny enough gave me a funny look. I saw in the mirror and thought ooppps Have to commend son again though, he has a version of the lurgey too, but has gone to school religiously, though not as bad as me of course, I deserve the constant cuddles and sympathy, he he he. Son said its wearing thin:)
  6. Had a number of problems with them which eventually got sorted and I stayed with them due to their low costs of service. However I have now realised you get what you pay for in this case as in they charge £23.00 a month for unlimited broadband, phone calls and line rental. Brilliant you may think, but what price do you put on stress. Their new prob with me started when I received repeated abrupt calls demanding me to pay and that my direct debit had bounced and that it was due to insufficient funds and also threats of disconnection. This knocked me back a little, but after speaking to bank and confirming they hadnt even tried to take any money I thought oh no its them again. They were happy to let me do all the running around ringing my bank and them when it turns out they know they have a problem, nice eh? They promised to sort it out and said had system glich but would make sure I had not more calls or emails demanding money. Got more calls. Eventually they agreed their behaviour was over the top and that they would wipe my bill which was nearing sixty pounds to zero to compensate for the hastle. They confirmed my details again and said they woud sort it, fair enough. Following month the money did not go out. I rang the bank again who confirmed direct debit was active and they hadnt requested the monies, so I decided to wait till they contacted me. Next month the money did not go out. I rang them and asked what was wrong. They rung me back and said had system fault and would sort it out, but would have to request a new direct debit mandate to get their system to accept it, okay. Next month the money did not go out although I received email telling me they had sent new direct debit to my bank, followed by another one a week later saying they had done it again. Today get another email telling me the direct debit has been not paid due to me changing my bank details and how important it was for me to keep them informed, aaarrrrgggghhh!!!!!! I ring them today to get them to confirm my details and a rather bland non interested man said no you tell us what your details are. I said due to whats happening I need to confirm your details onfile with my card and he rather reluctantly read part of them out, which let me know yep, they were correct. He said whats the porblem? I said no money has gone out again and it is not the banks fault and I am aware of their system fault, but that I have had enough. I did say calmly that the stress is peeing me off and he told me to mind my language. I did add that I was not being rude, but frustrated, not personal and he could hear from my tone that it was general speak and to be honest the bland bored tone of his voice asking me what the problem was, told me again they were too ready to blame the bank or me for supposed changing details, reather than liase with their tech teams and sort out their own internal errors. Anyhow I put the phone down on him and rang my bank, I asked had they set up another direct debit as they told me they had done another two in email and bank confirmed no. The origianl direct debit was active and fine and the company was just not putting in requests for money or it would be showing up. I told the bank of my concerns over them repeatedly sending out new direct debit requests apparantly and my concern that eventually they would make a major mistake and decided to close all access of my bank to the company and sort out the problems fist and then pay by another method as an option. Rang up company and told they were aware of major system fault that was affecting direct debits, which I said probably explained the attitude of first rep thinking oh no again knowing unlikely to be able to sort it their end but instead of helping just hinted my bank was problem. Told that it was not acceptable how I was being fobbed off and repeated emails for this and that and I added I dont need the stress of ringing them up every few weeks. Said they will ring me back later on today to resolve. Anyway out of interest I typed in tesco broadband direct debit problems to see if any other were complaining of issues the same and yep they popped up in review sites saying they were not taking the money and instead harassing householder for payment despite having all the correct details. So I am again waiting on this but with not much hope. I have decided to return to bt which will in fact for same service cost me £15.00 a month more for the same service as package I have with them. I am going to tell them I have had enough and want to leave due to incompetancy and want them to wipe any bill considering they cant provide a reliable overall service that would prevent me having to leave and pay £275.00 more a year to bt. Their broadband is fine, the phone I only realised recently was not put as ex directory as originally ordered, so imaging there hey ringing dcas up and not realising I am giving my number to them as has happened. They told me ex directory when instating my line, I now put 141 in but found this error shocking and only found out last week after being with them for a year now. Explains why good old true call has been having a fine time blocking numbers at least. I said to them why knowing this is a major ongoing problem, why not disable the emails saying false reasons for system not getting the money. She replied yes I know. I should add other customers in the review said they were fed up and just left them to ring them and they got threats of legal action and prompt disconection due to same issue I am having. Lets see if they ring:|
  7. I thought you had to include all income as in you would have had to include the maternity money or they might be paying you again through tax credits thinking you had less money.
  8. I take it you have already gone down the normal route of asking them to be more considerate directly?
  9. Hi, thanks yep I am going to make an official complaint asap. I got the phone call back from the teacher firstly stating he hadnt said son couldnt do any as levels, and then adding well they thought he couldnt cope. Told me kids were put on this btec who were felt below average in english and maths and I added at what point was the parent told or at what point were they involved? He agreed with me. Told him not to right my son off yet and they said all will depend on his results. I feel the now demanding at least a B in gcse maths as disgusting as their own curriculum and the local colleges states a-c. I reminded him that I had had all of this out with the head and was he aware of it, to which he replied yes but she wasnt looking at his projceted results. I said it was mentioned in depth so that didnt wash and surely the heads statement counted. Got the impression they were putting everything in sons way they poss could. He said they were considering putting him in for the gcse exam and I said stupid as it was obvious without intensive help, he wouldnt stand a chance and that any aptitude test should be general or at least let them prepare for a few weeks. He said they were putting the schools kids as priority for the places and that the overall external input from kids from other schools was low, but I added I worried about that. He also told me this years tables with ofsted did count in the btecs and I was shocked as I thought the reason this school was the lowest in the county was because they had stopped counting them!!!!!! I said the liasing with parents is disgusting, the messing around exhausting and he suggested he would speak again with my son tommorow. I suspect they havnt got as much interest in the btec business studies as they want due to kids wanting to do as levels, so they are labelling kids competant or not prior to even sitting the exams. You see if they recent parents eve call to me had said they had concerns in any way I would have picked it up he wasnt coping, but in fact they said he was doing GREAT, passing his btec already and doing well in maths. So anotherwords advice is to be taken with pinch of salt if near a kids options. I have said I will watch them as a hawk over my daughter as they are already putting them in for btec at college day release, son did construction, daughter wants to do sport/beauty therapy day release and I think thats fine. I did add if they put her or try to put her in btec science I will go bonkers. You see if a kid is average and just needs help to pass, some need more, some need less, surely thats what they are there for, rather than choose easier options robbing a possible talented kid capable of doing an as level. So I have calmed down and will complain. I havnt been well and ended up at chemist being told the flu meds I was on were making my asthma worse not the other way around and then daughter needed a dish for cookery and I nearly collapsed in asdas. At least I got away sat on my bott why they helped my kids pack and safely home with two tonnes of loo roll for my cold and the overdue shop done. So been a busy day I wonder how many other kids have been fobbed off. Son said his class were all not aware of the btec science not counting for as level, some were very upset!!!!! Some luckily were doing gcses and sighed releif. I have no doubt the school think me a pain in the rear, but then again, I dont care I have been polite all along:lol:
  10. I have just emailed them again telling them where to find this link to this thread, to read for themselves how frustrating an experience I a mother of two of their pupils have found this situation. I think considering my own challenges that I have gone full out and this was confirmed by phone by the head that she appreciates why I have had to chase this up. She confirmed I am not the only parent with child in same situation and I have taped all the conversations re this and the school and I am exhausted. I can only suspect that more kids are being fobbed off as the rolercoaster of yes then no and we will get back to you is worsened by the highs of feeling you are getting somewhere and being listened to and then rebutted once more. I am only doing what any parent would. My child has been wronged. He has his options open at the moment as to his future career, but closing the door to his as levels will close the doors to his options also. Look I am a nice person and dont like insinuating someone or something is incompetant, but what else can I assume, they say they have reached a conclusion he can do the courses, then today cant, what would you think. I think this will need to go national, firstly if not sorted promptly there is my MP, then contact the media. What am I supposed to do see my son waste a year. Imagine how many kids just give up or leave school on the basis of what told. I mean anyone think I am over the top, please comment, I havnt come across that so far, but this school are doing my head in and considering my flu is so bad I am using an old bath towell as a hanky, I feel pretty rough, I dont need anymore stress from the school, as I thought we had been promised a resolution. I have a few old contacts, but does anyone here and I know they do, have a contact of who would be interested to look into this from the media perspective, thanks xxx
  11. Ready for this, been emailing them a while ago from my email to get messages to the head and they were fine, untill all of a sudden started getting returned as failed as mailer daemon etc...Asked school over phone and told not blocked the address and left it at that. Tried to email today to their site and it again was refused so decided to use another email and it went through to them. So when you are fobbed off repeatedly on the phone and email to put a paper trail in line of your requests, they block you!!!!!! Sorry peeps but I am mad now about this, how would you feel?
  12. Starting to think some of the people in sons school are in fact cretins, sorry. Comes home from his interview from six form and again told they will not let him do a levels. He tries to argue what told by head as in aptitude test and hes to be given change due to being misled over btec worth, and told btec science does not cover enough of sciences course and therefore wont cope, and he would be better doing buisness btec instead and that they could offer him the courses of that and the chance of doing gcse of some sort as well. Son comes home and well I go bonkers and ring them straight away. Son says they were aware of what head told me and aware of circumstances and that even on the maths as level he was projected a c to which they replied they have decided to accept b upwards only for as level maths this year. I cant understand it, honestly. They also go past his interview time without seeing him and I start to get texts from son saying others with later appts have gone in and got it over with. He is told after being delayed about an hour, which to be fair is no big deal I text him things happen, told that he wasnt on the interview list despite us receiving appt in the post. So I ring to complain of course and woman says will try to get me a call back today but cant guarantee it, but she adds excuse me relating the the list of appts as she typed it herself. So I said thats what he was told and my son confirms which teacher said it. So I ask why do they have to tell porkies or whatever it was for a delay, why not the truth and why should I have to deal with woman denying what son told as well I am not happy with teacher saying that. It just seems a farce and I have the flu to boot, so really peed off beyond belief. If they dont ring me I will go to school despite agrophobia and flu and bleeding infect the lot of them with my lurgy if they dont sort it our today. Son pointed out kids from all local schools were at interviews for the six form and well a couple of the uniforms were from good local schools with better gcse pass rates in the past. So I am wondering is it a matter of they dont have a decent pass rate themselves but can cherry pick from other schools. Son told places available on btecs,, bleeding btecs.....aaaarggghhhh..... Also told they dont know where the head is, whenever you ring they dont know or say havnt seen her, what is she an apparition?
  13. Watching despatches and seeing kids being hit by so called teachers. The intolerance of some of these teachers takes my breath away.
  14. Just a little mention of how to protect in the future for anyone claiming: I know you should be able to believe what told over the phone. I know it can be said mistakes happen. But if you are going to rely on what told over the phone always record the call, wether using a mobile with record sound held to earpeice or more simply a device such as true call. Its just so hard to prove what was said if no recording is made and its a matter of he said she said which is destressing. If advised of anything over a counter ask the representative to write it down. Whereas I dont read the enclosed panflets I do read the award notices but notice a lot of posters saying they dont read these even. I also inform dwp of any change wether relevant or not to protect myself. My point is just to protect yourself record calls. Even to extent to make sure all communication is over the phone even as hard to record an over the counter response. I have done it for years out of being paranoid and not trusting people, part of my illness and didnt realise how such an illness could become on one occasion my friend. I was accused of not telling the dwp information which could have resulted in overpayment of 500.00 a month, due to them changing a rule and then months later reverting the change and then back again, as in the money mattered, then didnt, then did, then again didnt count. I was able to play the call to them and found not at fault. So if you are entitled to housing or other help, please take it and dont fear the possibility of the dwp or housing making mistakes and accusing you, because if you have recorded any calls and just trusted what told with no reason to doubt a mistake was being made, then the recording will help you. I am not saying everyone should be as paranoid as me, but in this day and age when ringing with important updates or request for information, record the calls and sleep peacefully. Again if entitled to housing benefit, please please claim it and dont struggle best wishes.
  15. I dont think you can its more about where you are living at time of caring but others will add. Have you thought of renting out your residence to cover rent/morgage?
  16. You should apply for crisis loan on monday and ask for monies that same day. I agree its not acceptable for them to treat anyone this way especially anxiety disorders.
  17. The provvy and vanquis should take note. The provvy even send a man after saying no to 250.00 to my door, monies in hand waving it about, stating he is honest after I had said no. They want to listen to that word, no and I feel if you have clearly said no and they have pressured you into debt, that they should find themslves in the poop.
  18. Cheaky gets, they are not just asking for financial statement, they are asking for proof of income and expenditure.
  19. They actually said a lot of debtors state they are mentally ill to get better treatment.
  20. Thanks. looks like dca 1 me nil today then Oh well my last move is I will declare bankrupcy soon, to stop the letters etc.....I have always liased will all who send me letters, in fact liased too much. In the past trusted that if they offered help and I did what they said(counting a few dcas here)that they would treat me with not such a viscious arm due to mental condition amongst other things etc.... I in past sent proof of illness and income and expenditure and in each case either dca would carry on harassing and when questioned as paying token payment, they would deny receiving such information and have to do it again or in that they just wanted more money from household, which I had to stick to guns and say no, as it would be prejudicial to other dcas as couldnt afford same to all. Anyhow this dca despite me saying will not provide proof of mental health etc.....or provide income and expenditure has demanded I produce both within 21 days or they will treat me as everyone else. They have said there is a dept that deals with mental health people but that they will not deal with me there untill I provide letters from doctors, firstly I dont think I should let them have details, I have told them diagnosis and they took a note of it. If I dont provide this info can they consider it my fault to continue as they are. They are not a nice dca, if there is one. I will go back to relevant thread and get help there as go on, but thanks for info.
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