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  1. You should still claim if you need the help and if they raise the previous issue come back to your thread for advice.
  2. You would have to pay more. No offence but your child should be paying towards it due to working as part of your family. I know how you feel in that you dont want your situation put on your son but he has become the main earner, my son is fifteen and we have already had the discussion that when he leaves higher education in about two years time, that he would be expected to use his earnings to pay a part of the rent if he was still living here. He is only fifteen as said and has said dont worry mum I will do so, but I will want to knick the main bedroom, hhmmm sarcy I said. Look I know its unpleasant that when disabled we may rely on the kids untill they move out due to benefit reductions dependant on their income. But to be fair what do you expect, them to still live with you earning such an income and that state supporting us. My son will pay to help till he leaves home he said and then of course benefits should help me again if needed. If they begrudge helping point them in the direction of the nearest letting agent, they will soon come back and realise they are getting it cheaper at home. Best wishes.
  3. Correct there over the warning of giving the long card number on a debit card, my bank warned me its called a cpa and virtually hard to cancel apart from cancelling the card as a last resort. You would hope a company would only use it as a one off, but hey in case with any company can you trust them? NOOOOOOOOOOO:wink:
  4. Started updating my reviews on them on a number of sites, cant put in everything so a mish mash of my dispair should do the job, avoid like the plague I should add.
  5. It depends on his other disabilities. being deaf itself does not give the right to dla. There are a lot of deaf people working and living normal lives I think is what the poster was getting at. If his disabilities as a whole affect his care needs then he can appeal and go to tribunal. There are so many inventions nowadays to improve a deaf persons life, they are interested in care needs as help with bathing, can he cook a meal himself, can he walk unaided etc... But no harm in appealing it is his right.
  6. Pretty appauling reply by email. Basically rubbing salt into the wound listing bill dates and ammounts and that the direct debits had not paid out, hhhmmmm I know it was me ringing you and telling you doh!!!!!! Tell me I owe them money and that its outstanding, hhmmm, well they didnt do their job or are they hinting it is the banks fault again? Confirm at least they are not cutting the line prior to bt take over, hurrah:-D But that they are being nice and not charging me early termination fees:-x Again taking the pee because they owe me compensation due to their errors and harassment forcing me to go elsewhere to be reassured my payments will go out as agreed and line stay on!!!!!!!!! I suspect this response is not as a result of my calling the head office or hope it isnt at least because there is no admission of fault, no apology and they are to finish it off requesting I pay the outstanding amount by cheque, which if they had listened to the call last might I can be heard clearly saying I dont have a cheque book anymore. My point is they owe me compensation now and I am not giving up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have also requested compensation of £360.00, including one hundred for stress harassment and having to desperately change provider due to threat of termiantion due to their error, and 260.00 for the difference between cost of bt and them over my term of eighteen months as a result of them forcing me to leave due to incompetance.
  7. Just to add I did not cancel the direct debit untill yesterday evening after the phonecall to the billing team for the second time. My upset may have clouded that a little on this thread, but it was as a last resort and they had told me they were disconection. I mean they wernt intersted in using the dd anyhow obviously for the previous months due to their system error!!!!
  8. Son told today by a teacher that she feels considering his projected scores now that he was under valued as to his capabilities in year 8. She said he was capable of achieving grades a-c in his gcses. Of course has to be remembered she is probably not talking from the admins perspective and liased in anyway to the issue of him wanting his a levels, because I have no evidence of any of the teachers opinions being counted at descision level. Sad as I alwasy thought it would be counted and the heads feedback as to how a child is doing. Just that had two teachers over the two weeks saying how well he is doing and upping his potential. Still no feedback regarding organisation of the apptitude test. After half term I will have had time to calmly type official complaint to hand it xx
  9. Just got off the phone to the pa of the cheif executive no kidding, they are getting the correct person to ring me back. I just went through to the head offices switch board, apologised for the method of getting through as in saying I was a company on personal matter, but the lady was very very polite, listened and she was the woman who helped last time. You see I wont make a habit of ringing her but I am desperate and dont need the stress, but they listened and thats what matters To be fair on tesco phone and broadband I warned them last night I would be ringing the pa of the cheif executives office if they didnt get back to me and confirm my line was not going dead, they didnt and I had access to the number. You see I may be very distressed but I am not stupid and not giving up. Lets leave it to a dept who cares and I feel the head office does care xx
  10. Maybe when dealing with tesco broadband and home phone you need to be hooked up to a mind controlling device, to answer the questions as they want, because all they keep saying is, have you changed you details and not told us, have you only unfreezed the direct debit last night.!!!!!!!! Say no all you like, but they will ask again as it doesnt go in:-( Cotton ear bud and ear lobes, pop it in, wiggle it about a bit and wow you can hear again. I am waiting tesco for my call, LETS START WITH AN APOLOGY EH?
  11. No call yet. Plus I have received a confirmation by email a manager is looking into it, but considering it is gone three pm now, obvioulsy not in a hurry to confirm they are not planning to cut my line. Secondly an email telling me to contact them re my direct debit has been cancelled. Now I dont know wether my bank informs them when you cancel one or wether they have tried to access my account after my calls to them yesterday, but I told them clearly I was stopping the direct debit they were insisting was not there as they kept hinting my details had changed. (reminded me of watching an old programme of the prisoner, you know where they are trying to control the mind of number six, to believe what is the opposite to the truth. TESCO I HAD A NAME AND A CORRECT BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER, you said I had change it, number six would of course screamed I am a name not a number) Tell me does the fact they are aware their was a direct debit open now and that they are aware it is was cancelled as of last night, are they willing to accept their system IS up the CREAK? Because for my bank to let them know a direct debit was cancelled last night, proves my details were accurate and direct debit was set up
  12. Well I did once have respect for them untill I signed up for their telecom side. I hoped they also did care about bad publicity, but if so why have they still got the same problems, make a mistake and harass the customer? So they dont give the impression they care to the people whos line they cut off on a whim of error. Tesco make a mistake, learn by it simples.
  13. More than some companies offer to be honest for delay. They did pull out the stops in the end as in engineers out as promised promptly. It wouldnt harm making an official complaint re the live wires to make sure they watch the work of the original installer.
  14. WOW was I upset last night, I couldnt sleep and eventually dropped off at four am. I mean we dont need to get upset over everything do we, we have to switch off, but this companies total disregard for my fears of my line going dead over a number of issues not caused by me has been a disgrace. Lets see if they bother to contact me today, will they suddenly remember again an internal fault is their problem not mine. Debtor customer, oohhh goodness, hang on, you are not taking any monies, since when does a direct debit need the push of a standing order. What would otello think of it? If they ask me today have I changed my details, I will spit feathers!!!!!!
  15. Son confirmed what I knew he has got sen status and had it in previous school to this also, I jsut think it was never acted on and just put off as to we will do dyslexia test at some point. They did say they didnt know why it had taken so long to do and it was me persisting then again to get it done, trouble is I previous to this just trusted them that he was getting support. I mean as hes got older he is described as mildly dyslexic and I am sure he will deal with it okay, but when it counted they did nothing and I feel just doled out the btec. Son adds he feels they judged him too early in his education, he came to the school prior to academy status from his previous school that ecnouraged him to use a keyboard rather than write, I didnt like this but agreed then when he went to new school they said they prefered to not use them and prefer writing to improve, that I was happy with. I took it from them then that they were regualry keeping an eye, turns out even till last year they had not clue as to his sen status and they did tell me they have no concerns over it and is improving greatly. In fact I saw his writing last week and thought wow, all joined up, so much of an inprovement, but he did it himself the best way it turns out. They I mean I only assume put him down as incapable, but teacher who called me day before yesterday said they put kids who were struggling on the btecs, thing is they have robbed the kids of their potential. i do appreciate this is management part of schools and not the teachers who decided mass exodus to btec xx He can read fine now and write much much better so it wouldnt have held him back with gcse, but again if they thought so they didnt invlove me or admit to even being aware of sen status. They at time prefered to hint the previous school before changed to academy status, but same school location of course hadnt passed this on. I to be honest dont think this even came into it, other than if they didnt know of his sen status they might have considered his writing backward, yet they didnt pass any concerns to me or worries to me. I think we just have to accept they let him and others down, but they can do so much now to put it write and all that needs to be is what they suggested themselves, aptitude test, dont make him sit a true gcse exam as they hinted again, but think past the box, they themselves say he is doing great then not great enough, hahahha. By the way the so called teacher who wanted to see son again to reassure him the following day didnt bother yesterday or today, what a rotter eh? Example of say but not do again Thanks for your input by the way xx
  16. Just to add another annoyinng fact of the rep who spoke to me tonight, he kept refering to me apparanlty only freeing up the direct debit to tesco yesterday, he wasnt listening. It was their own people who rang me about month half two months ago and then again to tell me needed to set up another direct debit. The only time I stopped the direct debit to them recently was three months ago (due to after prolonged hastle starting a dd with bt and was going to leave)roughly when they had the same issue but started blaming me for non payment, once they apologised and I cancelled with bt I reinstated it. It has been active and ready since them confirmed by my bank, simple enough, you ring a bank to suspend a dd, you ring then, up to unfreeze it, takes seconds and tesco were privvy to the direct debit being ready and active. If you can show any proof on any of my details changing in any way or me only unfreeing whatever yesterday, when you have also sent the other emails confirming you yep you decided to set up the direct debit so late, I presume, I WILL DO THE FANN DANCE JUST FOR YOU AND IT AINT A PLEASANT SITE, just as well I know you cant so wont have to buy the costume, eh..... Where have they got the impression my bank details have changed, I would apperciate their input as to how they have come to this conclusion. Your billing dept is pants tesco, they dont liase with customer services on serious issues, customer services politely look into issues such as no service, yet billing ring and demand money along with the little ditties on other issues as in you have insufficient funds in your account. Guessing arnt they, facts nil, I can only assume from personal experiences. Still there I notice guests, so nice to get some attention xx Bye the way just to be fair, if my broadband goes down, I will buy a mobile dongle and mobile phone and bill you for it along with costs of going to get them I need my phone so I dont snuff it and my broadband to keep viewers updated as to my situation, not too much to ask. By the way I am not mad, just incase you are asking yourself that, I have mental issues and neurological condition, but hey it didnt bother you when you signed me up and were informed of the importance of my alarm staying active. I have the call. What I am is MAD at tesco tonight and remember I only speak facts and the truth. My trigger is anothers errors being shuftied on my back that puts me at risk, shouldnt tell me you are disconnecting me or involving your debt team, what are they the heavy mob or something, I HAVE DONE NO WRONG, YOU HAVE FAILED MEON THE OTHER HAND AGAIN. Tesco would you like to confirm that you have a direct debit fault in processing payments to your customers, or is it a matter of incompatence and you just saying you have a fault, which is it, you cant have both? I trust you are tesco broadband looking in as you are still here, hey rather than take the mick out of my distress, how about you make sure your managers get onto this super super promptly. Dont worry I dont want to stay with you, I just want compensation and reassurance you will leave my services alone till bt take over. They have said it is unlikely to go down, but hey I need it fromt he horses mouth. How would you like to collapse stop breathing and not know about it till after. How when on your own would you like to feel glued to a fall detector it feels forever just incase you again collapse when kids are at school and have to hope its not one ot the occassions when you need help to not die as a result of having no help. The phone line calls for my help for me, you are aware I am disabled therefore vulnerable, so why oh why pressure me into fearing being on my own again? One more thing, the man who spoke to me tonight should not be dealing with such issues direct with the customer. He has no ability to listen suggesting I am in debt to you, when you made the error and then to pressure me into thinking I have no choice but to pay by a method unagreed, not in my contract and that concerns me. Hey what are the debt team like if he is customer services? Oh silly me he wasnt customer services, they had refered me back to billing handt they, schucks.....as customer services said billing would know what was wrong, hhhmmmm..... With tesco broadband and phone there is no customer services just customer inconvinience!!!!! Still there guests, wowowowowowowowo, be as keen and input your company title and also direct debit complaints or even just complaints, you will see where I am at. Hint people saying you arnt taking the direct debits yet cutting them off.......
  17. For the attention of tesco. You are welcome to comment on my thread. As offical reps of the company if wanting to show you want to resolve this stress to me once again, are welcome to register on cag and put user name as for instance tesco bband and phone company official rep, you then need to click on alert site team to get them to confirm your credentials as entitled to answer in the name of tesco and whoo hey your all set. Simple and not too techy honestly. you can then comment on my posts in an official capacity becauee others reading will want to know would they like to use tesco for their phone and broadband and how far will they truly go to resolve before it normally gets to this stage. Your staff said offically to me an internal error with the direct debits, surely you would want to at least make any affected customer aware that you are seriously aware of the problem and the efforts you would like to be seen to be going to to resolve them..not just say you will, but acutally prove you will. Or do your staff prefer to shift the fault and stress to those who have done no wrong? Also that any wrong treated customer as a result of such an ongoing error would be contacted and the matter resolved to his her sattisfaction, Its up to you, you have been informed of this thread and took great detail to note it down during my call tonight, also I have took the trouble to email the thread to you. See how helpful and nice I am.
  18. Hi guests:wink: Forgive the extent of my posts tonight as in a little drawn out, you see I have been peed off pretty badly tonight. CAG is a good site to sound off at unscrupulous companies and get help with it also. A lot of people view these threads and are entitled to make their own minds us, is the poster a whinger going on and on or is she just a possible one of many being treat like poop by tesco phone and broadband. I think everyone should record their calls.:wink:How long do we have to put up with being treat like this and accepting sorry we will sort it:violin:to find they prefer to harass their own customers, or is one dept not liasing with the other again:-x We accept at times things go wrong and most companies learn by their errors, tesco broadband and home phone dont seem to be one of them, night night, lets see what tommorow brings, I will update, do they really care? I know head office of tesco brand do, they did last time:!:
  19. Lets see I was untill today happy to stay with tesco. Now I have had no choice as trust is gone, to pay an additional min of 15.00 a month times 18, rough total 270.00 minimum(line rental not sure of wether 12 pound odd or more) . My loss of bargain is not my fault tesco. Distress and harassment not included. (tesco broadband 23.00 a month including line rental) (same package with bt 28.00 plus line rental: difference a minimum of 15.00, but more like 16 or 17, will check tommorow) I am sure tesco can also confirm this themselves xx Of course you have my bank details tesco, you cant take any money but I am amicable to receiving money the same way, I dont have a problem with it you see:lol: Its not toooooooo technical honestly:lol: British telecom dont seem to have a problem with it!!!!!
  20. HI TESCO SEE YOU FOUND ME:wink: Soon to appear in review near you: Blagger, grumbletext,Qype and all others I can find.
  21. Off to cook a belated tea, an asda sausage caserole, lovely, I think a tesco label till they apologise would make me heave. I was rather upset to post this last night, I am actually sad to feel a level of stress when I walk into a tesco store due to the linked telecom side. You see the warehouse flat style of asda gives me panic attacks, tesco with more levels lets me filter in and have a rummage to buy what want, I did prefer them.
  22. Been in touch with my bank again who agreed it was rather savvy of me not to give my full card number to them as this would have been hard to cancel if a continuous payment authority was raised as a result. I mean they tell me they previously are on top of sorting their error and that doesnt happen, I just cant trust them to do what they say. They have put a note on my account to close the open direct debit that has been open and a waiting for tesco for some time with same details as they keep requesting, just incase you are reading tesco and that nothing is to be allowed through in any shape or form. You see I will be making one hell of a complaint and unfortunatley as part of my condition find it hard to let go, you may have noticed, what I cant cope with is when I finally trust an organisation or person, for them to let me down big time, I feel an injustice and whatever kicks in and I need to fight. you see we can only take so much S*** cant we? I instead want them to pay me8-) I havnt made any errors, so how would they like me to chase them, at least I can be polite and listen, you see I have on various dealings with them over the year (recorded all my calls and there are loads of them both incomming and outgoing and praise be I have) 'True call' is an absolute angel, and thats not yet getting into my so called ex directory phone number on tesco became non ex directory as in when you make a call the number appears. The call where they asked me did I want ex directory and blocking from sales calls, what happened there?,
  23. I knew customer services was open till I think it is 7pm, so as billing could not resolve the issue and had told me they would get customer services to ring me and it hadnt happened, decided to ring them up again. Customer services who I had rung, said they couldnt deal with a biling issue and billing would know what was wrong. They were not interested in the fact the account had not been paid due to the fact of their problems with the direct debit. Not interested in me being told over a month ago that it was a major system fault. Not interested in the fact that people are being led to believe the error is as a result of you perhaps changing bank details and not telling them, when in fact the details are the same as when first joined nearly a year ago and the same as confirmed last time when they said to overide the system error they would need to set up another direct debit. They were not interested in the fact the original direct debit was live and fine and the bank had told me the problem was no monies were being requested. Not interested in despite them telling me two new direct debits were being set up, that still my bank was not receiving info from tesco or requests for money. Its not as if I had canelled the origianl direct debit when they set up the new one, or said they were, just incase they tried to take monies, I knew I could cancel it later. They were only interested in telling me my account was in arrears and that my line was under considerationg for disconnection, later described as more a suspension, but they did say the services would stop till bill paid. Its not as if this is a one off issue, they same problem happened three months ago, they told me it was their error and after me receiving in the first month calls saying my dd had bounced, when in fact they had not asked for monies from my bank etc.....that they were very sorry and agreed to zero my bill of nearly sixty pounds to show they were sorry and serious to sort it out. At that point I had contacted bt and asked them to take me over. I got a call from customer services later apologising, telling me no more problems would happen, they were personally watching my account and I therefore cancelled the order with bt, convinced all was okay. Now why is a company after having such an error, today despite me relaying all that happened repeatedly getting me to confirm my bank details? He just kept stating have you changed them? To which I did say politely are you taking the pee out of me, I must admit through stress, but still polite, unable to despite me telling my story to understand how they could not see it was not me at fault once more. He said my account was being processed to the debt team and as said about to be disconected. They know I have a fall detector linked to my phone line and that the line cannot go dead at any time or it would put me at risk of harm, but he said again the line would be disconected. He said my account was in debt and that I needed to make a payment, I said you have my direct debit details, he said it wont be able to process in time to stop the disconnection, so they wanted now my bank card number to processs an imediate payment. This woudl have been all well and good if I was then convinced that my direct debit next month would go out okay, but as they seemed to not understand the problem I suspected they woudl then resort to using my card number every month, which is known as a CPA. I am aware once you set one of these payments up, you cannot stop them other than rely on the company not to touch account, or as a last resort to cancel the card. I said no due to them needing to sort out the issue at a higher levle or in the meantime give me the tesco details to do an online transfer or set up a standing order. This he refused. He kept saying I was refusing to make an imediate over the phone card payment and therefore going around in circles he kept saying and my line would be suspended, he now called it. I warned him that if my line goes off in any shape or form, especially as they are already aware of my home situation that I would take it further. But as they wouldnt give me details to do online transaction or standing order then I knew we had come to an end as in I had to leave and leave fast. I am going to contact tesco head office again like I did last time and they were not happy at the issue last time, so why they threatened me with disconection or suspension when confirmed it is their error is a discrace. He when I said can you confirm you are aware of the system error I was prevously told of and he said no. I asked him to pass me to a superior and he said there was none. So they have an error, yet they put all the stress and hastle on their customer and I am a person like anyone else who can only take so much. Mistakes happen but incompatence is unforgivable especially after the last year I have had with them. I have to add their techy team who get you up and running with techy issues are great, its a shame they dont use this team to sort out internal errors that cause billing problems. So I called bt and asked for help. Told them about the alarm and the threat of disconnection and they reassured me as I was upset by now, that no disconection was listed on my service, could see via openreach apparantly. He told me they could indeed provide the service and as I knew already it was 15.00 a month more, but that they woudl get me up and running by march 7th and that they would send notification to tescos tommorow that my line was going over for phone and broadband and that as a result of that my service would not go dead. So bt it is and I will never move away from them again. I will be contacing tesco head office and as I have with tesco broadband today refer them to this site and thread and ask them to comment how such an error can put the people who keep them running as a telecom company, as in no customer, no company, how they can treat my like well it has to be said like ***T? I would have had no confidence after making a card payment to them tonight, that my service would be sorted for next month without the dreaded hastle again, no confidence that they woudlnt use the details to just take money that way as in CPA, no confidence in that if a serious issue was flagged up in the future again affecting customers of which I am not the only one with this issue, that they wont blame me personally, or my bank even. I have as a yo yo, been ringing my bank to see what the problem was as tesco had previously told me it was bank error, or bounced as in I had the money but not paid, so again bank error and then after one conversation with my bank and me in the end laughing at the stupidness of them not being able to set up a direct debit and simply take the money, like other firms, that I should have realised it was incompetance that I describe as harassment. He kept saying tonight and talking over me when I asked him to sort of look into sorting their what I was told major system error, to confirm had I change my bank details. I mean he wasnt even listening to me:mad2::mad2::mad2: As to threatening to disconnect me to force me to pay by an unagreed method in my case due to their incompetance, I consider that a breach of our contract. I agreed to pay my bills on their request by direct debit, they agreed to provide service. They didnt take the monies. The worst thing was the way in which this experience was belittling to me, its not as if I have left it and left it and ignored. I noticed the direct debits were not going out and they said they woudl sort THEIR error, they at not time prior to the demand tonight demanded another payment method, they were happy with the direct debit of their choice. And the pise de resistance as they say (forgive spelling error there:-)) is the man without obvioulsy understanding the true facts added, well it seems we wiped your bill clean last time, you havnt paid us in a while!!!!!!! BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT COMPETANT IN DEALING WITH MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT ERROR:mad2: Why did they compensate me three months ago? THE SAME BLEEPING REASON AS HAPPENED TO ME NOW, THEIR ERROR, BUT THE SAME ERROR. Last time added with calls from their billing team hinting my direct debit had bounced due to insufficient funds, hhhmmmmm my bank laughed that one out:lol: I personally feel the billing teams do know the problem and prefer instead to pressure the account holder into other payment methods rather than sort out direct debits properly. I mean are not we all encouraged to use direct debits for the fact or reliability and protection it provides. CPA and giving your card number to companies who cant process direct debits doesnt give protection. I feel let down and want compensation. I will now be paying £275.00 more ayear to bt than to them. The account with tesco is at £94.00 now due to their foolish systtem. Last time they zerod my bill and siad they were to learn by it, they havnt, so I say zero it again and compensate me for time and effort, distress and extra cost I have to pay to get a service that wont harass me. I say to tesco stick to food seriously, people will be leavig your service by the droves if I am an example of treatment when you make mistakes. Stick to food please. Will update when communicated with the head office of the tesco brand. Night night caggers, a stressed rant over xx:jaw: Will need to get my energy for my complaint and then dealing with otello as well if head office do not resolve promptly.
  24. Please anyone considering tesco as a supplier for phone and broadband avoid. Thats not as a person had maybe one or two issues with them, but as an ongoing near 12 months I believe it is now, of hell. I will when got a cuppa and calmed down in detail type what happened tonight. They didnt ring me back as promised, I of course had to do the chasing and was as a result of my efforts to liase with them over the last few months, treat with contempt. See you later xx
  25. Hope you win I suppose these firms hope average Joe doesnt question them, big mistake on their part, best wishes.
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