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  1. Blagger site has a good review tesco, oh that was left by me, dont worry I have updated it xx
  2. Hoping they make enough rope to hang themselves with as in told them oc shouldnt have sold it on.
  3. Prior to signing in to cag I was suprised in the green/gold bars above the search the web site of the site, to see an advert for daniel silverman commercial debt collection:|
  4. ps. I have a subject access request which shows the original lender was reminded of my state of health, mrs xxxxx reminds us she has a mental health conditon, our response oc that is, not our problem. So they sell the disputed alleged debt on and expect me after proving illness to them already, to have to go through whole scenario with first credit for apparant sympathy or easier treatment, sick bucket anyone......
  5. Goodness another case similar to mine. I am also in position of not wanting to provide my mental history, due to abuse. But for whatever reasons they shouldnt be pressuring us like this. mine is first credit insisting they cant deal with me more sympathetically till proove mental illness as they told me many many people just say they are mentally ill to get better treatment or there abouts roughly what was told in summary, disgusting. I ask anyone who has a genuine mental illness or mental impairment, would you choose to have it or not and if not and understand the implciations of being labelled in this way, would you just say you are mentally ill to get better treatment from some sqwally dca, I think not. I am waiting for cca too. Best wishes xx
  6. I agree about comitment levels, but remember we are talking seven out of seven here, no one is forcing that choice on op. I think nowadays when getting a benefit for instance as a single parent, its better to be super super vigilant of how your relationship could be interpreted, because wether thats how you want to be seen or not, its a shock to the system when someone calls in and makes an accusation. You have to protect yourself whilst respect we are getting support that some abuse.
  7. Is she self employed as in agreed a fee and gets that fee. or does the employer brother pay tax and ni to the hmrc on her behalf.
  8. Normally there is more to it for the chb to be transfered, however if the situation has changed once again he is entitled to reclaim it.
  9. You are talking tosh and again trying to argue silly terms which change as society changes. We dont have to get married now to be a family unit do we. They refer to time speant together as in living as a family. Last time I looked seven nights a week appeard a funtioning family, goodness sake some working families dont get seven nights a week due to shifts. I say again this op is on very unsteady ground and needs to sort it out as I wouldnt be suprised if they are not under serveillance already.
  10. There have been a few posts on similar topic, even erika had one I believe, it can come accross as intimidating some have found. But as long as your situation has not changed and still single parent, then dont worry, just answer the questions and switch off.
  11. PTOL, How can the claim of chb to the mother in law be fraudulant, he gave his blessing. I also was aware of a family nearby aruging over the fact that the daughter was not living with the legal main carer, but the grandparents. This arrangement was amicable to both sides, but for the fact the parents gave no money to the grandparents to support the child, so the grandparents were advised to claim chb and then benefits for the child. It got nasty in that the parents were still claiming the benefits and only objected to the arrangement when realised it would cost them money. The grandparent won the right to the child benfit and the benefits and the child stayed with them. So its not parental rights, but who is supporting the child and I suppose if it comes to it, social services could assess who is right for the child if a battle starts like in case I mentioned.
  12. Of course you are able to say when relelvant what you like about UW. The same as I say AVOID at all costs, especially when a rep mentions them, just read the complaints on this forum, simples xx
  13. Sorry but it has to be said, this is not the dwp getting at a single mum trying to better herself, but common sence. Seven nights together at two addresses is not a simple case of boyfriend girlfriend visiting, it is two seperate addresses but one family. We have to remember that no matter what op considers as a family unit, they dwp will be watching, they will monitor the regular pattern of their behaviour and come back to them once have enough or substantial evidence, it will then be up to the courts. A mum or dad can better themselves in college etc... no matter wether a single parent or as one of a couple, this situation is going astray on this thread. I have never read a case on here where it is being argued sharing a house wether same or two residences for a full week can be argued as a single parent being forced into a relationship, sorry. Normally there is cases where op has to be told the three night rule does not exist, but seven nights!!!!!
  14. Found another review where a customer was complaining that after leaving tesco broadband that payments were still going out. It was being paid via the long number on his bank card a cpa and he was struggling to get them to stop taking the money. Thats why you didnt get it from me tesco, dont you like direct debits?
  15. Please dont go to utility warehouse, go to the utility forums and the threads about them to find how many are peed off. Also a utitlity distrubutor with them is unlikely to provide a non biased opinion o fthem due to the fact they take a cut........
  16. They could be considered as one family with two addresses deliberately to defraud, thats why I say to be careful.
  17. Received email from them at five am this morning again telling me my bank has informed them of the direct debit being cancelled, so that clears up for me that somewhere on their systems they had the correct details all along or they woudlnt have been able to so promptly email me saying why have you just stopped it. UUUUUmmmmmm, because you are saying you didnt have the correct details and therefore requests for monies were being refused by my bank, bull****!!!!!!! Just stopping it now seems to have been the only way to proove it existed and I hadnt changed the details it seems. One person has input it and checked it and even attempted to do two more direct debits, yet another in billing cant, you know their major system error plainly put as COMPUTER SAYS NO. TESCO PHONE AND BROADBAND WE MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL AS OUR COMPUTERS SAY NO, DONT WORRY THOUGH THEY DO SAY YES WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING US TO SUGGEST YOU ARE AT FAULT AND OWE US MONEY OR WE WILL SEND IN THE DEBT COLLECTORS OR CUT YOU OFF FOR YOU DARING TO CHOOSE US AS A SERVICE. 5/10/2010 review.com tesco broadband, a user is complaining of them despite repeatedly taking banking details for direct debit, not taking the money and same scenario as me it seems and similar time frame it appears. This user says they have phone and broadband also.
  18. Regular three nights at yours four at his is concerning. Maybe seperate housholds but you are all together in both for the full week. People have come on here after a partner lives at seperate address and been accused of living together on basis of partner staying for just three nights at the benefit address alone and been taken to court. If they are offering you three months I would consider your choice very carefuly. as to changing your situation to protect yourselves. I am not a benefit officer or with dwp, just read many of these threads and find the old assumed rule of as long as no more than three nights together as being acceptable, has been confirmed many times as unfounded, there is no three night rule. You are together all week via both addresses so could easily be assessed as a couple and family and they could go after all benefits paid to you while you were so.
  19. I am sure your son understands really xx Other posters might add later if they can help keep looking in.
  20. I dont think he meant to offend nor I for that matter, but a condition does not give the right to dla, I know i have a condition and get dla high rate care low rate mobility, it is the extent that it affects his needs. Every case is judged on its own merits and care/mobility needs. Also more so lately with the changes putting pressure on those disabled to work who cant possibly and being labelled feckless etc......there are cases where it appears you have to be dead to claim esa and once denied you inturn tend to loose dla..Everyone genuinely needing help needs to appeal and go to tribunal it is our right.
  21. Night night guests, if you are tesco hi please take note of my email soon to be followed by letter, if not please avoid tesco phone and broadband if you dont want a hernia xx
  22. Thanks for the input I will put it in writing and put down my request for compensation, which I think is fair considering the list of hastle I have had. I mean they only have to listen to their own calls to me especially when telling me they need to set up another direct debit due to system fault, to see I am not saying this fof fun, they have pushed me away to a more expensive service who hopefully will take my money without problem, but I expect them to repay the difference with a small ammount to me of one hundred pounds hence my figure of 360.00, You are right the emails are not getting to anyone in authority, lets hope though they will be hearing from their top boss very very soon, the pa was a lovely woman. Will send it monday, thanks again.
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