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  1. Dropped this laptop and when charging you notice the connection is very loose and the power charge signal in window goes on and off when typing. Its obvious Ive damaged it when dropped on its side. It also gave a little shock which is not good:madgrin: Anyone have an idea how much to fix or replace the connector to give me an idea wether best to claim from house insurance with excess issues or bite the bullet and just pay it.
  2. Its d day today or BT day in my case, just rang 100 to see if over yet, but schucks bulldog operator answered so know not over yet, they did say could take till midnight so not long to wait for security once more. As much as I have had a run of bad luck with my providers I can honestly say BT never put me in the position to feel threatened re my line, as they took the direct debits without issue8) I will know when it happens because I am by now familiar with my alarm dying for a while and it screams out loud, previoulsy unsettling, this time though should be able to switch it off without panic for a while and then it will reset itself when line comes back on. I am extra angry with tesco after finding complaints re them back to 2007 about telecoms, so how can they have used the reference to being new to the telecoms business as a good excuse for shoddy service. I have found references to ofcom looking into them re misseling complaints and wonder if they would be interested in what happened to me re them not knowing what they were selling to me at first re my alarm, yet happy to take my custom and put me at risk.
  3. Wow, thanks. I will definately save approx two hundred with this and will get the doctors note soon as able and the difference would in turn I could finally settle arrears. I am in a low rate area compared to others I think band d or e and my rates are five hundred odd, so a definate saving on this, considering soon we will all be on them anyhow, seems sometimes a good thing is true, thanks.
  4. Right I will say this just once more, if anyone has constructive posts they are welcome. But if anyone just wants to give an opinion on my thread statistics of mine as apposed to contrubutors ammount of posts as a hint of talking to myself, or their view on my health or just wanting to take the pee even, then dont, you are not welcome. I have looked around about one distinctive username and found a number of threads where issues have been raised and some frustrated the op, one being telecom and they although not as posting as many as me, dont have the same issues as me. To take the pee out of the problems I have had re sky and tesco and saying maybe bt are next is pathetic and assumes all this is my fault, as this is my thread I will post my feelings that if anyone took the trouble to read from the begining, they can simply see the sky issue was as a result of tesco telling me it was best to find a provider who could support my alarm, due to them misseling me then asking me to stay as could support alarm. The fact I was then slammed due to sky error was my fault HOW? I say that if a certain poster from the meaness and aggressive nature in some threads offending other caggers in some instances could be an indication that he wouln be ranting out a loud. After having a calm down I have realised some people just like to mock and I say again unless you have a post which is helpful to me in my claim against tesco then back off. To try to play the psycotherapist and judge me or my condition unless a qualified professional in that field is disgusting as I would love to be able to control my health from the ups and downs. People like me have been pushed over the edge for less, so I say youve had your laugh now leave me alone. Genuine posters are welcome and yes this thread is me speaking out aloud and i have read no where that this is unallowed. Maybe annoyind to some but hey dont read it. If you want to take the pee, hey go on, but just keep it to yourself or your posts will be reported and promptly removed xx Apologies for my giving a little of myself away in my posts, but I thought mocking those who are ill was from a time gone by. Tesco havnt got off the hook yet:lol:
  5. Its not a matter of off topic post stie team, it was insulting adn I dont need it. I though posting would lessen the stress and aide my memory. Been looking around and seems this poster seems to offend more than me, maybe the site team could remind him of forum rules and from me if you havnt got anything polite to say, then dont say it.
  6. HSBC I have listened to it and acted on it and stated waiting on certain letters to arrive. I have stated why my posts are so regular and the reasons and that if anyone is annoyed by the pen of my thread or nature of it that they dont need to post. I have had a terrible time with this company and taken the pee out of by them, its not a matter of a baby throwing a dummy out, they have lied to me over reason for fault, lied to me that they are going to monitor my account and made me very aware of their readiness to threaten a line supporting an alarm, due to their errors. What have I done to deserve such posts or do they work for tesco hhhmmmm......... What happened to not judging but only posting if you can help or have advice. I have doen what advised by martin and waiting for more infor, so why do posters deem me fodder to attack. Are they saying I deserve ridicule and such bad treetment over a run of bad luck, would they be laughing if it was them instead of me, I think not.
  7. Seems we are to go back to the days when a person should be ashamed of having a mental condition and being the way they are it seems if his post it deemed acceptable.
  8. What has happened to cag. I mean we dont always agree with a post or what said, but hey, why has it become acceptable for a poster annoyed with my particular way of posting on my thread and then my explaining the reason for my nature, to take the **** out of my mental condition?
  9. Sounds to me like you should only be paying a token payment. If you are not working and hubby parttime and they are taking benefits as in tax credit and kids money into account then they need putting in their place. You cant afford 120.00 so dont pay it. Do not give your personal finances out to them again you only have to do so to a court, I mean you can give it to dca but look what they did, they are taking what you cant afford. You can pay a dca by standing order which you have control of. The calls can be stopped and until you send the proper form to them by recorded delivery you can refuse to confirm who you are and jsut repeat I only communicate in writing and put the phone down. Please there will be some great helpers come along who can post link to the harassment letter re phone calls for you and more advice. Do not pay a dca by dd, they cant be trusted and as long as you cant afford it stop the dd now. Ring the bank and tell the bank to stop them accessing anything. Make sure you have not given them the long number on a payement card as some dcas set up what is called a cpa continuos payment authority that can only be stopped by cancelling the card. If you have cancel the card and get bank to send new one asap. What you could do in writing is offer them a token payment generally one pound if claiming and relying on benefits or your income and outgoings are a struggle.. You should only be concerned about your rent/morgage, water, council tax and tvlicencse esentials and utitlities and food of course and transport if working etc.....Help will come xx Do you have assets as in own your house and is their any equity, if the answer is no then dont worry. If the answer is yes then advisors will help you how to approach it as they do tend to threaten with statutory demands which again can be fought with help. So chin up, but stop that dd and come back to the thread for further advice from thosemore in the know. Ive just learnt all I know from here but you do improve and learn and start to feel stronger when know your rights. Stop that dd tonight xx
  10. Bet abbey nasty or now known by me as rancidtander will be pleased to see it again naughty peeps they are, LOL.
  11. Been in arears for are you ready for it nearly ten years due to when split from hubby I took on the bills due to ex caput as in wanted a newer model Anyhow didnt realise could have got help but in any case anglian water have been kind and patient with me. Over the last ten years I have gradually barring two hundred pounds paid off the debt. The direct debit did not go out this month and as usual informing companies when this happenes I rang them to get a nice suprise than on dd it is based over ten months and the next payment is not due till mid april. Anyhow they ask about circumstances and I tell them just me and two kids and are told I could save monies on water meter. I admit to being hesitant due to basically when have fit are incontinent and have general problems re this almost daily due to not having much bladder control adn the small fits I dont even realise well, thank godness for tenna lady is all i say8) So I tell them I use a lot more than normal and am told there is if I sign up to water meter a standard fixed rate as long as get doccies to right certificate which I am sure he would do, especially as washing machine and shower has to deal with regular use due to it. Told this amount is three hundred odd and fixed no matter how much used on meter but still more than could save with no meter as now. Told them hesitant at the moment adn will ring them in three months as to wether could up dd to settle debt in the next 12 months and meter and they said they would leave it up to me re both and not pressure me on both issues. So sounds great but forgive me for feeling suspicious, to fit a meter and pay less than what I am paying now by about two hundred quid forgive me feels too good to be true. Is this figure legit and standard or more what I suspicously suspect and want to be proved wrong, an assesed rate as a single mum with just two kids. Feedback appreciated xx
  12. Here is what bank told me today. C means suspended R means reinstated. 9/6/2010 C 15/7/2010 R 27/7/2010 DD paid for £3.34 (need to check my statements for possible other prior dds as alittle confused when acutally joined them) 8/8/2010 C 18/8/2010 R 23/8/2010 DD paid for £28.02 13/9/2010 C 14/12/2010 R Bank will prove no monies requested and no supposed new dd set up despite calls and later emails. I have all the emails and recorded calls. xx Bank will also confirm all along this has been the same dd and not changed details in any way which is another of their arguements confirmed by email again. Three suspensions ending in reinstating 14/12/2010 which gave them plenty of time to request some money. Took till then to sort the bill and i was leaving to bt and going to settle after, then they apologised and well I reinstated dd straight away. Pretty much a dd was suspended in logical panic if that is poss, re how they phone me although I warned them I had no choice and had been told to do it prior, then as soon as they either sorted issue or apologised asking me to stay it was reinstated. Why tesco did you not take it in dec, jan and me chasing in feb, because you told me their was a major system fault re dds affecting some customers, was that a particular bank tesco or type or card tesco, it fits in. If there was no fault, why not take the money, you have no proof it was me becasue it wasnt. These dates tie in with when my line was slammed twice and when originally they messed up the bills adn I was leaving to bt, will fine tune the dates to the complaints at later time xx Remember when line slammed they said best wasy to stop incorect ammounts or for raised bills when no service was to stop the dd, due to their third party billing system. If a reinstated dd of 18/8 can lead to succesful dd on 23/8 I cant understand them saying the dd reinstated on 14/12 couldnt have done the same asap. Remember I have done all the chasing re why hasnt it gone out, they only phoned to make up scenarios of why or to ring and threaten my line. Or maybe tesco have the same policy when things go wrong as sky did to me back a few months ago, plead ignorance and say it is not them but someone else, but in the end they have to admit error!!!!!!!! When and how they deal with it depends on how I have to claim and for what level of distress because I cant switch off now. Its like being accused of a crime you know you havnt commited, you desperately feel you have to prove yourself and due to my conditon I am over worrying about an obvious case of a provider who dont give a hoot till proved. I never for no reason suspended a dd or did it without informing them first, they knew prior to call and were given opportunity to ring back and sort issue, the length of suspensions is an indication of their messing about and arthur daley tongue and can be proved by recordings. They also on many occasions can be heard confirming my dd details and flumoxed as to why the dd is not being requested from bank, hence the ilusive dd fault appears. Look at the dates tesco it all fits adn I can liase the recordings together thanks to my lovely true call . Will get the facts and my memory straight with the recordings I am sure xx
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