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  1. We bought the car from new. It was about 43000 miles when we noticed the fault. My wife is the main user of the car and she is about 56Kg, and I drive at the weekends and I weigh about 80kg. The ML is made in USA, where generally people have bigger build. The seats should last longer than this.
  2. Hi, I need your advice on the issue I am having with Mercedes-Benz. My ML Artico Leather car seats cover has started splitting on the both front seats which we noticed when it was 4.5 years old, it may have started long before. I have been trying to get Mercedes to repair them FREE for last 8 months. I have complained to Mercedes Head office but keep getting the standard reply from them. Mercedes is saying that the car is out of warranty but as a goodwill gesture they will contribute 50% of the cost of repair. They also say that If I am unhappy with their decision I should contact Motor Ombudsman. I feel that seats on the £45K car should not fall apart in such short time. Has anyone had the same experience? What does the complain to Motor Ombudsman involves and How long will this take? If I take this matter further I have been emailing Mercedes Customer services, should I complain to the Mercedes dealer I bought from? Is my claim against Mercedes Benz dealer or Mercedes Benz Company? I purchased the car from Mercedes Benz Retail, Ealing. What are my rights which says goods should last 6 years? Any advice will be appreciated Thanks
  3. Thank you Geordie911 for your reply. As I did not want to agree to Confidentiality clause, I suspected they would do something like this to keep me quite.
  4. I have claim against Apple for supplying me a Refurbished Iphone 4 which the Apple employee told us was a NEW phone. I am claiming for the cost of the phone, costs and interest.The case is due for hearing in the Court Next week. Apple Legal team has phoned me today asking me to try to settle the claim through Mediation service. The telephone mediation will take place in two days. Apple is now willing to refund the money plus costs only but wants me "to keep the terms and the existance of the settlement agreement strictly private and confidential". I do not want to accept this confidential clause. The mediation service email says "If mediation is successful and a settlement is reached, and if necessary, I will draw up a Settlement agreement and Tomlin Order, which must be signed by both parties." Can someone please guide and advice me on the precautions I should take so that I do not jeopardise the court hearing next week? Is Tomlin Order suitable in this case? Best Regards
  5. Hi Slick132 Thanks for your advice, I have now got Judgement (N30) from the court giving me full amount of claim and interest from the date of purchase. In the notes for the defendant, it says the defendant can apply to the court office for the judgement to be set aside. Could you please tell what I have to do next? and How long has the defendant got to apply to the court for judgement to be set aside? Regards
  6. Thank you for your help, I will do that and hope for the best.
  7. Hi Slick132, Thank you very much for the reply and moving the post. Your advice is very helpful. I have already submitted the N1 form in January 2010, on which I wrote Claimant claims 1. The Sum Of £2745.00 2. The interest 3. The costs I did not write about Section 69 statutory interest on the N1 Form. The defendant has not replied. I phoned the court yesterday and they said as the defendant has not acknowledged the service or filed the defence, I can submit the form N205A Request for Judgement to the court. The interest from Jan 2008 till now comes to nearly £460. Do you think court will allow this? Regards
  8. Hi Guys I am filling a Request For Judgement form. Bit confused about interest. The claim is about a faulty sofa. I complained about this about a month after the purchase. The defendant has not responded to the claim. I bought the sofa back in 2008. My question is Do I claim interest from 2008 (date of purchase) or from the date of Claim. Thanks
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