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  1. I think the way they put it to you is that you need it in order to get the product if you don't have home insurance that will cover HP products. Thank you for your help
  2. Okay thank you for your help with this. I can't set up a DD back to them from my bank online I've just checked, only a standing order if I have their account details- which i don't.
  3. Okay great thanks, I'll have a look at the direct debit now. How do I reclaim if you don't mind steering me in the right direction Thanks
  4. Hi, yes I do have the insurance as I was told I had to take them out in order to get the products in the first place. So, obviously I want to reset the direct debit back up. How do I do this? If I pay what I can when I can will they accept such payments over the phone it in some way? Judging by the call I had with them They won't accept part payments only if an area manager comes out. Thank you for your reply
  5. Hi there, A year ago I took out a product with Buy as you view. I have had no problems and have paid religiously by DD every week. This week I returned from holiday to a letter saying the DD had been cancelled (my fault I was cancelling several DDs at once online before i went away). this means that the payments have mounted up to £89 owed. Due to the holiday and not realising they hadn't gone out I rang Buy as you view to advise them I could meet the back log in payments on my next payday but would continue to pay the weekly amount every Friday until then so I don't owe more. they said to do this I had to arrange for the area manager to come out (which I did for next Thursday) to reset my direct debit up rather than by phone. this evening having got home from a long day, feeling unwell and with a small child in the house and one on the way a Buy as you view rep bangs on my door. I didn't answer as I hadn't been expecting him; we had made an appointment for next week. It states on the website they can only visit by appointment. Can anybody advise me where I stand on this please? Do I have to let them in at all? Can I make the payments by phone. What has put me off answering and dealing with them in person is now that they have come round uninvited when I have specifically set an appointment. I tried to ring them but was on hold for 56 minutes then told phone lines have closed Best wishes and thanks in advance Emma
  6. Thanks, can I actually reclaim them? Even if I signed up for them?? I'll look more thoroughly tonight when I've got more time! Thanks again
  7. Hello, Just after some advice really on how to go about cancelling the cover plus on my perfect home items, along with their insurance. I did not have home insurance at the time of signing my agreement but I do now, am I therefore able to cancel Perfect Home's? I have searched for a letter template but am unable to find one if anybody could please point me in the right direction? Best wishes and Thank you Dp x
  8. Thankyou very much for all of your help
  9. I'm sorry to be a nuisance, but I'm really confused. Did you just purchase a standard insurance and take it to the police station? I'm worried as there is no question online to ask is the car seized, and what if I get to the police station and they don't let me take the car?
  10. Thank you for your help. I have just had a strange phone call from motor quote direct telling me I need a special insurance note for an impounded vehicle, and it will cost me £350 for 28 days to be insured?? Is this the case? Do I need to tell the insurance company the car has been impounded? many thanks
  11. Hi, I'm after some advice. Yesterday whilst driving home I was stopped by the police for having no insurance. I wasn't aware I did not have insurance, it had been cancelled due to a default payment and me having moved house missed the letter. My car was seized, and I now require insurance to get it back. I have stated IN10 and 6 points and £200 fine for yesterdays date on the online form, but there is nowhere to say it has been seized. What do I do? I have found insurance, whilst stating these offences do I need to do anything else? Many thanks
  12. Hi, I moved out of a property over 2 weeks ago and after trying for some time to get hold of my landlord I did eventually get an amount out of him last night as to what he proposed to deduct form my deposit. 1. A £50 charge for repainting a "dirty" wall, which he has now reduced to £25 as he got his workmen to fix it he said. This wall was covered in damp and mould; something which I have been trying to ask him to sort out for over 2 years. 2. £295 to replace carpets in the 2 bedrooms, one has an iron burn and the other a paint mark. These carpets were nowhere near new when I moved in and are not in very good condition at all. I have refused to pay for the dirty wall, however with the carpets I'm not sure what to do. I asked him the age of the carpets and got the resopnse "you want to know the condition of the carpets, I advise you to look to your inventory". I just have and nowhere is the condition of the carpets mentioned except to say 'bedroom, floor covering: carpet' and that is it. What should I do, I offered to pay half based on the age of the carpets which he rejected. No check out was ever done although my tenancy agreement states it should of been and I was to be present, and he has implied that if I do kick up a fuss he will "do a full check out report" so in other words find ways to keep the whole £485. If I go to TDS as I damaged the carpet will I have a leg to stand on? Many thanks Emma
  13. Hi Planner, I will do that many thanks for your reply. The letting Agent who hold the deposit are saying they have heard nothing at all from the LL regarding it so I think raising a dispute may be my only option. My tenancy agreement states that the deposit will be returned to me within 14 days of handing over the keys after a check out has been done which they "suggest the tenant is present at", do you think I should push this or at least the fact it was not done? Many thanks Emma
  14. Hi, I moved out of a rented property 2 weeks ago and the Landlord got in touch the next day saying 2 carpets were damaged; 1 with an iron burn and the other with paint both my fault which I acknowledge. However these carpets were nowhere near new when I moved in they must of been at least 5 years old and I lived there for 2 and a half. My question is, is the Landlord within his rights to bill me for brand new carpets? He is unwilling to give me an amount he wants to take. He also mentioned one on the walls is "dirty and will need repainting"; this wall is covered in damp and mould an issue I have been chasing him over for 2 years........I have refused to pay for this. He is now saying that he is going to do a full inventory on the house and take it to TDS. A check in inventory was done which I have a copy of but a check out was never done, his workman came round had a quick look mentioned how spotless the house was and took the keys. What do I do? Should I request to be present at the check out even though it will of been over 2 weeks? Throughout the 2 and half years I had so manhy problems with this Landlord, nothing was fixed immediately and a boiler was meant to be boxed in as it was in a childs room, this never happened, although when eventually pressed on it last month he said "well I paid for the work ages ago so I'm presuming its done" despite my constant phonecalls. Thanks for any help you can offer Emma
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