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  1. Dear Ericsbrother,


    Thank you so much for being persistent and pushing me to explain my case fully (received PCN while in surgery).  It’s so funny because to me I was explaining myself well but when I re-read my wording I realised that you were right and I had not explained my case well at all.

    Anyway they reviewed my case and refunded my payment and were actually very professional about the whole thing.  The review was on the fact that I wasn’t aware that I could have paid for the restricted hours way in advance of the time.

    So thank you for the advice and help.


  2. Hi, -There are restrictions on parking between 12-2pm. You either pay or have to display a permit for this period. -I parked my vehicle just before 8am. It was free to park at this time. -I thought I would be out of surgery and on a ward in a position to pay for parking via the app for 12pm. -I now know that you are able to pay to park before 12pm and it will only charge you for the restricted period. -As soon as I came out of surgery I paid. This was at 12:24, ticket was issued at 12:16. -You can pay via app, phone or machine. -Response from Lambeth is that I should have parked according to the parking restrictions, so they are not budging from their position. I hope this clarifies things somewhat.
  3. Thank you for this. I fully understand what you are saying. I think it would have allowed me to pay in advance judging by the app when I have checked it now. It is going to be hard to fork this money out if I have to pay. Unfortunately, it is the difference between being able to do my weekly family shop and not. Thanks again for your detailed response. It certainly helps to clarify why they are holding the position they are. Still hurts though.
  4. I only have the option to wait for NTO. And I don’t want to end up paying £130. I can still make formal representation when NTO arrives and adjudicator if that fails. I’ll be too anxious with all this hanging over me. But I guess that’s what Lambeth want to make sure people just pay the reduced rate.
  5. Hiya all, I just had my representation rejected by Lambeth. I explained that I was unable to pay for parking (have to pay between 12-2pm) as I was in surgery which was planned from 8am and I thought I would be out of surgery and able to pay if required. As soon as I got out of surgery I paid, which was about 12:20. Unfortunately, I had already been issued a ticket but didn’t know because I was still in hospital. I sent proof that I was in surgery and that I was still on the hospital ward. Was surprised my appeal was rejected to be honest. The representation completely ignores my grounds for appealing and focuses on me paying too late, no reference to show they have considered I was in surgery so could not pay. Is it worth waiting for the NTO? Or should I just pay the reduced £65 PCN? I really want to complain that my grounds of appeal have not been addressed. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I have a similar problem and will be following your example. I feel I was mis-sold the policy and will be complaining accordingly.
  7. Hi all, (I have posted this on another forum in the hope that I might find someone to help) I am really angry. Somebody hit my car back in 2008 and did not admit liability. I ended up having to settle 50/50. During the repair of the vehicle I was offered a hire vehicle, which I had for about a month. The third party insurer queried the use of the hire vehicle as I had received an injury in the accident which meant I could not drive the hire vehicle for approx 2 weeks. However, the other driver on my insurance did drive the hire vehicle during this time. Now, over two years later I get a letter stating I am liable for the cost of the hire vehicle as the additional driver was not entitled to drive the vehicle. This just seems silly, if there are two people insured to drive a vehicle if that car is involved in an accident and a replacement car is given then obviously that person may require use of that vehicle. From my recollection when all of this was gone through over the phone I stated that the other person would require use of the vehicle, as they had to go through the details of the insurance with me. But I cannot remember the exact conversation as it was two years ago. What can I do? I certainly don't have £10,000 and I am already heavy in debt, I would have to declare bankruptcy. Can I fight this? Is it their error in not quering whether the other driver on the policy required use of the vehicle? Please help, I am literally pulling my hair out. Thanks Ebony
  8. Hi all, I have posted this on a different forum, but would like to see if I can get more advice from this board. I am extremely angry after receiving an invoice from Mercedes finance for nearly £3000 after I returned the hire purchase car. They have claimed I have poorly repaired the car, when I have never repaired the vehicle. I have incorrect number plate fonts when I never changed the number plates from the ones given by the dealership I purchased it from. I am now thinking the car dealership sold me a car that had been repaired, as a brand new car. The only things I agree to in the invoice is the excess milege and the missing service history. Do you think I should write stating the things I agreee to pay and the things I don't? And then pay for that and then let them chase the rest. Or should I refuse to pay anything until those issues regarding repairs they are claiming I made to the vehicle, which I never, are all removed from the invoice? I never missed a payment and I have paid over half the cost of the vehicle brand new. They have had about £8500 from me and now want another £3000 from me and I don't even have a car to show for this. And bear in mind they will sell the car and make money from this. I am not concerned about the money I have lost. I am just not prepared to pay more for things they have made up. I will also post this on the consumer rights forum. Thanks in advance. I am so angry.
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