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  1. thanks. seen that, im ok with it. just the mrs. just wanna be sure no one been taken to court ever??? like said about car not even being slighty anything to do with me. part from the plate. so letter reply should end it as they cant prove who it was.
  2. i got a parking ticket off euro car parks yesterday £70 parking ticket because my rear wheel was over the white line in the bay next to me. parked at a slight angle. ive taken a pic. just the way i pulled in i didnt see the point straighting up as the car park was empty, and i parked right out the way. popped in homebase toget a potato peeler. was about 10 mins at the most. ive been reading on here for quite a while and fought i would post. the car is not in my name for a start, not even simlar name and i dont even live at the address its registered at. i know they have to
  3. what was the out come of the final letters??? i recently got parking ticket off them for having rear wheel over the white line in other bay, car park was empty
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