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  1. now got 2 recordings of thier staff admitting its only this salvage company and their agents that this bullcrap is being inflicted on.......is this illegal ?
  2. ok folks, i am not legaly minded and dont know if anyone has a clue how to do this but here goes...... i work in the vehicle recovery industry when a car is involved in an accident the police call their contractor to remove the vehicle asap, the contractor then deals with the drivers insurance company and the insurance company pays any outstanding fees. the salvage company then collect the vehicle from the police contractors compound......this is where the problem starts ! the police contractor in this area have now started to refuse to release the vehicles to the salva
  3. please explain further i must have some sort of recourse
  4. the windows he bought with my card form part of the property. i would like to gain a possesion order for the windows if he doesnt pay can someone inform me as to what i need to do step by step ? are there any templates for letters etc. i dont want to jump the gun on anything just to invalidate the claim thanks in advance
  5. i have downloaded the land registry deeds for his house and found this.... (24.06.2014) RESTRICTION: No disposition by a sole proprietor of the registered estate (except a trust corporation) under which capital money arises is to be registered unless authorised by an order of the court. what does it mean in english ?
  6. do i also add his wifes name to the claim just incase the house in her name ?
  7. even though i was under the assumption it was for car parts ? will it be a strong case as he has some of the property obtained ? i.e. windows ? thanks for the fast reply
  8. looking for some advice please, couple of years ago a "friend" messed up my car. i paid for the parts to repair/upgrade and he did the work. later somebody else wanted there car tuning the same as mine.....this is where it starts the "friend" didnt have the cash so as i trusted him i let him use my credit card to obtain the parts to do the job on the understanding i would get a share of the profits. 2 days later i got a call from the c/c company to authorise a payment, cleared security and all was well. then i got the bill :mad2: £1500 of new windows went in hi
  9. many thanks too all here that submitted advice and guidence. please could someone p.m. me details of how to make a donation for the upkeep of this site ?
  10. another update...... got this email today The Thomas Higgins Partnership LIT9/D/737880/5/FM CONSENT TO APPLICATION TO SET ASIDE JUDG, NO ORDER TO COSTS . basicly explains there client has agreed no further action. i am confused by the fact the last communication from them stated they were no longer representing him
  11. cool what should i expect when i get there....procedure ? is it like magistrates etc ?
  12. update.... spoke with northampton and was advised it was a clerical error and papers recieved a few days ago have it listed this wednesday at our local court. i dont know weather to get excited yet but today got a letter from his solicitor advising that they are no longer representing him !!!!
  13. got a letter today transfering the case to a court near the company claiming on there behalf. does this mean my n244 is working or is there more to this yet ? does the claimant get copies of my defence ? basicly what happens next and in what time frames
  14. We wish to respectfully apply for the current judgment against xxxxx to be "set aside" and full leave to file a defence be granted on the basis that we were understanding that the legal time frame would be the same as dealing with many other government organisations in that it would be "WORKING DAYS" and as such we have fallen upon a time-out situation. We are making this application with this in mind and the fact that we feel after seeking legal advice we have a very strong defence to the claim and consider that it would be in the interests of Fair and proper justice that the judgement be s
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