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  1. They have a P. O. Box address in New Malden Surrey and the last I heard from them was in 2013. I suspect you're right renegadeimp, certainly seems like it. Just wondered if they are still about. Thanks all for info.
  2. Just got a new letter today from a company called "Capquest" (referring to the Arrow Global account that Moorcroft stiill occasionally send a letter about) assuring me that if I get in touch they are very caring and considerate and experts in their field, and would very much like to help me come to a satisfactory payment plan. So now I've had Moorcroft, Rockwell, now these, all after the same account which is supposedly an Arrow Global a/c who I have never had an account with. It must date back to the original Midland account that I started this thread with, but as I said I have no Idea how Arrow became involved some 12 or more years after the Midland a/c was closed. Just wondered if anyone knew of this new lot Capquest.
  3. Thanks very much for the info, the link to the article was brilliant, explains a lot. As I understand it, it's just an extension of Interum Justicia. I will post more info shortly, as I really need to get my problem sorted once and for all.
  4. Can anyone please tell me who Experto Credite are, and should I be worried that they are suddenly named as the recipient of payments that I was originally paying to inturum justicia.
  5. A quick update, I may be tempting fate here but after the letter from Fenton Cooper on 9th July, which I again ignored, there has been nothing else so far. (Now two months). So, fingers crossed, they might have decided to give up.
  6. I've just noticed that these Rockwell letters seem to be coming at regular monthly intervals?
  7. I have just received this Rockwell letter today after the last one saying they might hand it back to Arrow Global We have been trying to contact you to discuss the matter of your outstanding account with Arrow Global Limited. As we have previously advised we want to work with you to find a resolution that is both fair and affordable for you. lf we have not spoken to you, your account may be passed to our specialist recovery agents, Fenton Cooper. We understand you may be experiencing financial difficulties and we would encourage you to contact us so we can discuss the options available to you. Please call us on 01903327004 or write to us at the address above. We can call you back at a time that is convenient to you. Please ensure you quote your reference number in all correspondence. One of the options that may be available is a discounted settlement. We may be able to negotiate with Arrow Global Limited on your behalf to reduce the balance owed. If you are in a position to make a settlement payment your credit file will be updated to reflect it has been partially satisfied and you will no longer be pursued for the remaining balance. We know you may not be in a position to repay a discounted balance, however if your circumstances change in the future and you would like to discuss settlement options, please callus on the number above. If you would prefer to discuss payment solutions or simply speak to someone about your account we are here to help. Our aim is to help you clear your balance in a way that is affordable and works for you. We do not encourage further borrowing at high interest rates, such as Payday loans or credit cards to repay your balance. Furthermore we would not want you to be in a position where the repayment of this account leaves you unable to pay your priority debts or bills. Yours sincerely, Karen Faulkner Collections Manager ROCKWELL D BT COLLECTION AGENCY Calls may be monitored or recorded y ROCKWELL DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY is a trading name of Tessera Credit Group LLP Registered Address 5th Floor Mailland House, Warrior Square, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2JS Registered in England No.OC376978 cs Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for accounts formed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (amended 2006) i J‘ g They now threaten me with their "specialist recovery agents" Fenton Cooper. My question is this: Do I again ignore it and wait to see if I get contacted by Fenton Cooper and if so, send them a prove it letter, or do I now send a prove it letter to Rockwell. Any input would be gratefully received, it doesn't look as though they are going to go away even though I haven't so far acknowledged any of their communications!
  8. Sorry I have not replied to these posts but I didn't realise there were any fresh ones and I was waiting for the next salvo from Rockwell which arrived on Saturday. (two and a half weeks after the last one which threatened "immediate action" if not replied to within ten days). citizenB, I don't think there was any protection plan on the loan and I have no idea about any charges, all I have is a final bank statement that closes the Flexiloan account and just says "transferred". which when I added the amount of that onto the other account (overdraft), it came to the total amount of the original debt. I am seriously thinking of following your advice on the letter, but I will have to think hard as I am not very good at that sort of thing. This is the latest letter I received from Rockwell, "Following our previous correspondence we have been trying to contact you to resolve the matter of your outstanding debt. We have been asked to consider your individual circumstances and to find the best possible way forward for both you and our client. So long as we are managing your case for Arrow Global Limited we can guarantee you that, in respect ofthis particular debt: No debt collectors will visit your home You will not be subject to any legal action, or incur legal fees or costs No interest will be applied to your outstanding balance However, to continue managing your case, we must show our client that we are in contact with you and that we are working together to find a resolution If our client takes your case back from us, they may then consider the options available to them to recover the amount owed; these options may include those detailed above. Time is of the essence, so to avoid such action please call us right away. lf you would prefer us to call you then please email or write to us with your phone number, making sure you include your reference number as stated at the top of this letter. Yours sincerely, Collections Manager ROCKWELL DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY ." Calls may be monitored or recorded ROCKWELL DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY is a trading name of Tessera Credit Group LLP Registered Address 5th Floor Maitland House, Warrior Square, Southend-on~Sea, Essex, SS1 2JS Q Registered in England Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for accounts formed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (amended 2006) I must admit it is a lot milder than I expected and now I wonder if I should again wait and see what happens as it looks like if they don't get a reply they will hand it back to Arrow and then if I get a threat from Arrow I could then send a prove it letter, which I suspect from what I have been advised here will cause them some problems. As I said before, I had never heard of Arrow before the first letter arrived some weeks ago.
  9. I'm now totally confused, it looks as though the title of my thread has changed as I'm getting replies to "Arrow now got merged Midland bank debt from 1997" whereas I posted " Arrow Global and Rockwell Threat Letters - Need Help Please" are these the same or am I getting muddled with two threads.
  10. The payments were low due to my circumstances, I got them down to £5 per month and that's what we are still paying. The assignment letter totals bear no resemblance to what we calculate we have paid using the receipts we have, in fact they are very near the same totals as the original debt, (give or take a few pounds). There has never been a CCJ on this. What I don't understand is how can HSBC/MCS still take money from me when allegedly they sold/assigned the debt to someone else. Surely somewhere along the line one of the many DCAs/Solicitors involved should have some sort of proof that I need to pay them instead of HSBC.
  11. Great advice thanks, I think I will just hang on for now and see if it escalates then start with a prove it letter to Rockwell as suggested earlier. I do feel a lot better now thanks to the advice, it's at least done away with the "panic" factor, for which I am truly grateful. Watch this space
  12. C B, the answer to your question is No. I have never received a statement from MCS all the time we have dealt with them!
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