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  1. There unbelievable. There ok bumping up your credit limit without asking etc but you ask for your CCA and they can't even fish out the right year for the T&C's - pathetic!! Well i've sent them a follow up letter asking since when has the T&C's become a CCA and to clarify whether they actually have one or not! How they can get away with saying 'This completes our obligations under Section 78 of the Act' is beyond me?? They expect people to follow there rules and procedures but choose not to follow any themselves! Grrrrrr i'm not having it.........ok rant over.
  2. Shouldn't there also be a signature box and date i signed too?
  3. See, i'm hopeless i couldn't find a date anywhere on it! 2008 - well i opened it in 1996 so there only 12 years out, not too much at all!! I take it i shouldn't accept that as my CCA?
  4. Hi Guys, I sent Calders a CCA request for a Barclaycard debt there chasing taken out in 1996 and they've sent me a letter and attachment back but i don't think its a CCA! It has no dates or anything etc but I could be wrong, can anyone cast a quick eye over it and just confirm if it is or not for me? barc1_1.pdf barc2_2.pdf barc3_3.pdf barc4.pdf barc5_5.pdf
  5. Can't find the address for the compliance manager only there Data Controller at what i think are there head offices (CAPITAL ONE BANK,350 EUSTON ROAD, LONDON, NW1 3JJ) If i write it to the Compliance Manager but send it to this address should that do?
  6. Yeah i think that's it. I could only find a small paragraph about it but not the whole thing, i knew if it was correct someone on here would know! I have already written to the 'Executive Offices' twice about it but I'm still plagued. Should i stick all that in a strongly worded letter and send it off to the Controller himself? I've also obviously kept a record of my two requests and a log of all calls so far so would the ICO be interested and be the right people to complain to?
  7. Just an update...... Capital One calls HAVE started again!! I had Sky's Last Caller Rejection service put on a couple of days ago but it only holds 10 numbers and I'm already up to 9!! My caller i.d and 1471 lists all there calls coming from 0113 212 2992 but the real number there calling on (there private i.d that only service providers can trace) seems to be different each time! I cant afford TrueCall at the mo so i've logged them all as nuisance calls with Sky and put in an application to change my number. I'm so angry how they've disregarded my request to stop calling and write only.
  8. I do enjoy giving them a hard time on the phone sometimes, especially if i've had a bad day It can be quite cathartic! I haven't had any more calls as of yet but when they start again I like the sound of Flextel or even a premium rate number lol I feel like giving them what for as i've told them I'll happily correspond in writing so i have a record of what's said etc but not on the phone - but that's just not good enough for them is it! Well tough luck Capital One if you refuse to write and i refuse to take your calls you wont be speaking to me at all then will you!
  9. lol thanks Stormski. I thought they were talking through their backsides! I've noted down all dates and times etc as well as my recorded calls but will put them into a spreadsheet now to get it all in order. I feel like sending them another letter reiterating the fact that i don't want them to call, any more calls is harassment and any evidence i get will be used! I think a letter or complaint to the FOS needs to be done too.
  10. Hi, My problems with Capital One :evil: I sent an harassment letter off to them after receiving around 8 calls a day for the past month or so and i also informed them I'd be recording their calls from now on. Had a response back today stating that though they are sorry i find the calls harassing they are legally entittled to call and will carrying on doing so. Also if i haven't gained authority from the 'associate' calling me i wont be able to use these calls for any action i may wish to take and will have no right to use the calls for any other purpose than personal use. So basical
  11. Thank you. That's kinda what I thought. I just hate it when big companies ignore the smaller person !
  12. Hi, Bit of a strange one. I contract my services out to a company and get paid via BACS. This month i was never paid. I contacted the company asking if they sent it and to where, they sent a simple reply saying i was paid same time as everyone else and "as per my instructions". I tried to email them back but they just ignored me. Luckily my bank managed to track it down. They confirmed they sent it to the correct bank but never put down all my info so it didn't reach my account. It was a delay of about 10 days, in which time bills tried to come out of my account and couldn't so I've been
  13. Hi, Last year i had a very bad day where i had a one accident in the morning and another in the afternoon. Both non-fault!! I made a claim from the first one but can i claim for the second one? Cheers
  14. Hi all, I contract my services to an internet business and get paid via BACS but my payments gone missing. I asked the company if they sent it and they confirmed they have and all my accounts details were correct. I contacted my bank and they said they've received no payments. Who do i chase now?? The company making the payments or my bank it should have gone to? Any advice would be great.
  15. Ok, sent Consumer Direct an E-mail about both HFC and 1st Credit to see what they say !
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