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  1. Thanks to everyone for the advice on here, very helpful - appreciated. I think the recession is the umbrella that covers most people for this at the moment - my references will stretch up to near end last year and if push came to shove I could just pretend this job never happened and that I lived off savings checking the papers daily as the responsible work orientated person I am etc. I'd not quit without something to go to unless at least five of my six numbers came in tonight - qualified as I may be, I can't be presumptuous and landlords + bills will never appreciate I had a fals
  2. Hi All, any advice much appreciated. I'm a White collar professional, I've always done well at any job I've done, and seen out redundancy last year due to the recession. In doing so I've collected very recent up to date references that are very strong. I used these references to get my latest position (temp to perm circa October, offered the job beginning December) - However it rapidly started to dawn on me that the boss was a highly difficult individual whom nothing was ever enough for and that I am doing a job two people once did. The cruncher came for me when I was taken as
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