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  1. Thanks all - I'll be sitting a complaint to ofcom and ico. Have I got grounds to sue for harassment? Very tempted.
  2. Thanks - I did wonder who they were regulated by - ofcom?
  3. Looking for some guidance please. Totally frustrated by the TPS (telephone Preference service). Background is - I used to have my own business undertaking energy surveys. The business closed a number of years ago. I was a small one man operation and only undertook work by recommendation. I never cold called. About two years ago I began to receive complaint letters from the TPS. On the form it states the number the cold call was from, my company name and my address. A quick google of the telephone number showed that it relates to British Gas who were running a campaign with a simi
  4. Hi all and thanks for the welcome and the replies. To answer your questions: Some details please: What was the original debt? Computer finance When was this defaulted? Approx 1994 When was the last payment/financial transaction? Approx 1994 Have you made a written acknowledgment of the debt.? No acknowledgement in writing or over telephone Have you checked credit reference file to see if the debt appears? Yes, and the debt does not appear
  5. Getting increasingly frustrated by the non stop calls from AK. Debt from about 15 plus years ago. AK were writing about once every couple of months in the last year or two, asking for my repayment proposal. I had been ignoring them, but decided to end it once and for all by requesting a copy of the CCA. Letter received from them acknowledging that no CCA could be found. I can't remember the exact wording (letter not to hand) but it was along the lines that no further action would be taken. This was a good 6 months ago. Out of the blue I have started t
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