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  1. Hi, I viewed a used Citroen on Tuesday, and paid a £500 deposit by credit card. The deal was that if I paid in full by the end of the month (Thurs) they would prep the car ready for me by the following week, Tuesday (5 March) was suggested and I agreed. I emailed the (main) dealer on Wednesday with some concerns about the car, and told them that to get everything right I would be happy to wait and extra day and collect on Wed 6th. (a few minor bits of trim were missing/broken & I wanted them fixed) Had no reply to that, but Thurs I was duly phoned, told their email was not workin
  2. I did take pictures and video at the time lamma, but not as many as I should or of all the things I should, having benefited from the advice here! I would go back to take more but the round trip would cost about £20 in fuel, to possibly save a £35 ticket. Not to mention my carbon footprint
  3. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll email the council again and point out that they say time plates are present, but are not in the area I parked. My only hope I guess. Will post again when I get a response from them.
  4. So does anyone know if 'time plates' and/or white line bays are required to enforce pcn's in a council residents parking zone?
  5. It's a council PCN, so I won't ignore. I believe there is no longer a requirement for time signage parallel with the kerb for double yellow lines, but how about residents parking only areas?
  6. Does anyone know what the regulations are regarding enforcing PCN's issued within a 'Residents Only' parking zone? I parked in an area (Totnes) where there were entry and exit signs saying 'Residents Parking Only' (I didn't see them), but the part of the road where I parked didn't have any 'time plates', the small signs which run parallel with the kerb, and no markings on the road itself. In this area other streets have time plates, but not where I got my ticket. Must there be time plates and/or lines to enforce a PCN? Please see my previous post for further details. Thank
  7. Hi all, Help needed please as I'm new to this! Was given a PCN last week which I promptly challenged: I wish to challenge the above parking notice for the following reasons. I have parked on this particular spot on Plymouth Road a few times in the past, and had no idea that a Residents parking scheme had been introduced since the last time I parked there. On approaching the parking area from the junction with the Western Bypass, I didn’t see the ‘Residents Parking’ signs. The nearside sign was obscured by a tree branch overhanging it (please see photos attached). I
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