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  1. The Original creditor 02 used moorcroft first ...after wich we got a solicitor invloved..then we heard nothing more for a whole year.... and thought that was the end of it ......after which letters started to arrive again out of the blue ...the debt was then passed around EIGHT separate DCAs after that....got a stash of letters from them all. Thanks for the advice....I will start a letter to the ICO to make a formal complaint and contact 02 to see what they ae prepared to offer, while keeping the option open with the FOS. Thanks for your help once again, much appreciated.
  2. So are you saying that instead of going to a solicitor, she cold pass it on to the FOS or /and ICO and ask them to look into the case and they could award the compensation?
  3. I think most of the credit applications were refused verbally dont know if she had anything in writing or how she would prove it,ie whether each company holds a record. Yes kept LOADS of the letters from LOTS of DCAs chasing same debt. Yes, have solcitors letters. Have not recorded all the telephone calls though, we just ignored them after a while...stopped answering them as it was just too stressful. And Yes, the ONLY thing on her file that would have been to blame....an otherwise excellent record. A young girl in full time employment with ample dispoable income, bills paid on
  4. Thanks ...I will put a complaint into the ICO so its on record, is suing through the court her only option or could she just ask them for compensation?
  5. Hi all, Just keeping you all up to date on the story so far.... Had a letter back from 02 saying they can now confirm after investigating that my daughter has been a victim of fraud and they have now closed the account. They say they have disassosciated her from it and informed the CRA to remove any details on it and any related info. We have checked her credit report today and it is still on there at the moment but we were told it could take a further 21 days for this to happen. We are relieved at this outcome....but we are thinking of going back to them now and asking i
  6. Its been a few weeks since my last post.....its been a busy time, been away on holiday, then sadly lost a close family member suddenly and lots going on in general so this has all been on a back burner for a few weeks since recieving the SAR and Freds saying they were no longer persuing the matter. Then today a new letter with the threat of a doorstep visit ( just what we needed after a family funeral....)...the letter is headed Meritforce Doorstep Collection Agents, who say they are collecting on behalf of MacKenzie Hall Limited....and "someone will be calling around to pay me a visit in th
  7. Hi all.....its been a month since my last post....and hooray it arrived today...the SAR from O2. As you know the account was opened in my daughters name....using her drivers licence as ID and her address.....there isnt an awful lot of info, just a few pages but it does show transcripts of calls ... "customer phoned to say HE wanted to change HIS tariff".....and "HE called to add international calls to HIS bundle".....all the calls to customer service are by HIM, they do not have any signed agreement as I said before, this has been confirmed. There has been no more correspondance from the d
  8. There was an e-mail address for the data controller at O2, so I emailed him today and gave the ref number which was quoted on the Fredricksons letter.....and he has emailed back saying he has now found some details on that account and if I return the letter and payment, he will send out the details. Will post tomorrow....and email him back to say its been sent and could he deal with it ASAP, as clock ticking.....
  9. Yes thats what I thought, if they held any info at all.... they could provide it via the name and address details. Thanks Godmother.
  10. A large envelope came today marked O2, I opened it knowing it was the SAR .....I've waited about 35 days for this...... Letter says.... "Thanks for sending us your SAR request. We cannot send you any information just yet, as you didnt give us an account number or a mobile number to locate your details. I am returning your letter and payment- please them with the details required so we may process your request". Now as you all know from my thread I have never held an account with them so cannot provide a mobile number or account number. Is this the proof I need they hold no
  11. Thanks for that BB....thats why the response to the SAR will be interesting ... I only have their verbal response that no agreement exsists nothing in writing, I have written to them previously but they never replied. Thanks for the Chief Exec details.
  12. This is my daughters case, I am just helping her with it. She is a single working mum, I dont know whether she would be entitled to any legal aid?
  13. So are you saying to go to a solicitor and take it further, or is this something I can do myself?
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