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  1. don't worry its part of there bulls**t its just to make you get scared and pull out..we received a full offer of over 6 grand today... get your money back you are the one in control not them!. good luck
  2. hi, an allocation questionnaire received today,deadline is 10 February.they sent us small claims track form but we are claiming over £6000,should we fill it out anyway or should we give them a ring? getting really nervous now,please help! thanks a lot
  3. thanks for for help..... think we now understand it..... it looks like it will be alot more. we are claiming back over 6grand just in charges!.
  4. what we thought we had to do was add 8% to the total amount of the claim, it wasn't until we started to read other peoples threads that we realised that we might of made a mistake..... we are at the stage where we have sent the court form out received a letter back from dg asking for a full break down of charges and interest..... so i don't know if we shoud leave it as it is or recalculate when sending the forms to dg...
  5. hi, does anyone know how to work out the 8% interest..... we have had a letter from dg asking for all charges plus interest. have checked out the library don't really understand it..... must be a little bit thick!...... please if anyone does know layman terms are always best.... thanks.
  6. wife just got home, opened the mail to find out that all of her credit cards with mbna have been withdrawn with immediate.....guessing that hsbc have something to do with this......
  7. hi, well this morning we received a letter from the banks solicitors asking us for a full break down of all charges plus costs and interest. they also stated in the the letter that if we do not get back to them then they will be unable to address our claim!. i find this ironic we sent the bank all the info which we were claiming, surely if you go to a solicitor you provide them with all information about your case?. is it up to us to supply there solicitor with this information? what should i do, should i give there solicitor the info ?. we are seeking nearly 7 grand in charges. it also says .... at this juncture we are unable to address your claim without this information sought and which will serve to delay any potention resolution of this matter...... at this stage i don't know what to do..... i don't trust the bank let alone there solicitors!. please someone help us out.
  8. hi all, please could someone tell me what dg means?.
  9. hi everybody, need little bit of help regarding a letter which we received from our bank few days ago,here it is: thank you for your letter dated 13 november 2006 regarding charges of £6066.00. The bank does not agree with your contention that the charges that have been imposed constitue a penalty and are therefore unenforceable.the contract between the bank and its customers is governed by our personal banking terms and conditions.in respect of overdrafts i would refer you specifically to clause 7.11 in section 2.if you authorise a payment that would,if met by us,lead your account going overdrawn or over an agreed limit the bank considers whether or not to make this payment and fee is payable for this service. our fees and charges are clearly stated in our published price list and the circumstances in which these charges will apply are clearly set out in our terms and conditions which you will have been provided with a copy when you opened your account. whilst i accept that this letter will not provide the response that you hoped for,i trust i have been able to clarify the bank's position.if you are not satisfied with the bank's response you should now refer your complaint to the financial ombudsman service,as this represent our final response on this matter. we received this letter in the 4 january 2007 just after 12 days when we issued our claim at small claims court. thank you.
  10. hi, its great that you have won your claim, it gives me and other people on here great hope that we will be victorious.... i have today put my claim forward to the small claims court... so nervous... wish me luck.
  11. hi, we need to obtain a summary of all charges from our bank,do we write a letter or can we request it by telephone? thanks.
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