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  1. PGH7447 - be quiet fool, I'm sitting here for a giggle laughing at your daft reactions, I couldn't care less
  2. No I dont work for a DCA anymore nor will I work for one again as truth be told I couldn't stomach speaking to people like yourself for 8 hours a day, as for the spelling error....stercus accidit, but you surely have more pressing things to concern yourself with, like paying your debts?
  3. Did any of you read the article (or can you even read? - I know you dont read to terms and conditions of the credit agreements you all sign), but its only effecting the Chester office so the Bromley office (which is being made larger) and the 35 outsource companies AK use will still chase you for the money you DO owe. Even if they did go completely bust then all the debt would simply be sold to another company, so it doesn't really matter what the letterhead on the page says you'll still be held accountable for your ****** lifestyles (and the irony is - the staff at the new call centers will p
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