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  1. I have a hearing set for 2nd week in April for my Bankcruptcy petion. Am I allowed to put 2010/2011's Council bill in my petion , I have just had it through commencing 1st Aprill 2010
  2. just been reading, I had the bailfis turn up and leave me a message on my phone saying that If i didnt call back they would come back and take goods from my house (even though never let them in or meet them).... but at no point have they mentioned the car that was was listed about 6 weeks ago ........ confused .com!!!!!!!!!! was that a legal levi a few weeks ago ?? im going bankcrupt in a few days , and at the moment trying to get the coucil to take back the debt so the bailifs have no hold over my car .... Any one has any help
  3. Hi I would persoanlly make a complaint about them , read up as much as you can, but they are not allowed to make threats like that , only if they gained access and made a list of items to be taken, i would complain to martson and the council where the parking fine came from Best wishes
  4. Hi Leakie, Good advise, my hearing is not long now but I was so stressted out at one stage that I nearly took everything and went to london to do it on the day....!!! cant belive you can just turn up, but I took stock and thank god because there were some bits that i had forgotten about when i did my IVA.. My only concern is my car and what will happen to that ????? So have you been realsed from yours now ???????? Bubbs
  5. I wondered if you could advise...... Im due to go Bankcrupt in a weeks time, i have been dodgging the council tax balifis for the last week but they have a note of my car registration.......so i have not been parking it on my drive at the moment... once i have been declared bankcrupt can they still take my car ?????? Not sure if i can keep this up for another week !!! so stressfull Bev
  6. What a breath of fresh Air..!!!!!!!!!!!! Im just about to go bank crupt myself !!!!! And after reading your page its given me hope Have spent so much time stressting and worrying about this but not much longer now........... Bev x
  7. oppppppppppps woudl help if i had sent you his link !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! www.bailiff-mediation.com He was a really nice guy........
  8. Hi Nick Been reading your page, ~I too have had problems with council tax baliffs, but my friend put me onto a guy who has his own web site...... I actually called him the other day to get some one off advise , i think he charges £125 but gurantees to have your costs massivley reduced...!!!!! and from what i have read on your page here , they have broken many many rules !!!!!!!!!!!! Regards Bev
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