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  1. Yea I'm fully comprehensive the problem with this is my excess is about £500 quid so I can't afford to pay that at the moment! Just recvd a voicemail from Insurance stating they want to set an appointment to look at my car surely this should be his insurance!
  2. Hi, On Monday I was involved in a RTA where I was stationary and a Van behind me drove straight into the back of me! All details were exchanged and a I have a witness. I contacted my insurance on the day of the accident after returning from hospital and was told my claim was logged and that the no fault team would call me on Tuesday. I got no such call. Rang them today and was advised it was declined by them as the person that logged the claim put it down as minor damage. I explained I had an estimate done on the damage which came to £2000.00 which is not minor!!! Anyway I sent
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