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  1. seems they have gone quiet for now. They have now given ex a TOMLIN Order for payments to be made over 424 months for the full amount. They have frozen interest and asked him to pay 52.16 and me 75.78 for the forseable future. this does not add up to the same timescale of 424 months but is a result. He signed papers for the Tomlin Order and lets hope they do not chase again for this. Thanks for the help with this.
  2. My account has been passed from capitol one to apex and I have £13000 o/s with them and i am paying £75 a month.just got a call and they want the debt paid in 5 years not 14 as it is. They are giving me a short time to get back to them with I & E again.I am paying them the max but they want more. It has taken 8 months to get the credit AGREEMENT and it would appear it is un enforceable. yet they are still chasing me.
  3. The agreement is with My EX and he lives in oxford. Have just spoken to him and he has not signed the tomlin order as he has under £60 in disposable income for in all 5 creditors. He asked link to accept his disposable income for the tomlin order but they have refused. He has now been told they are going to take him to court in oxford for the full amount as he is equally and severally liable. My cheque sent 23.4.10 has not been cashed. NO SURPRISE there. Still unsure if I should apply for all docs as per cpr 31:14 stencil letter.
  4. Have just sent off the cheque for this months payment asking for a mandate again. Have asked for a copy of CCA again as per my letter 8th March and dispute letter of 27th March. Also as they have gone to court in England have asked for the fees to be refunded as the Northampton court have no jurisdiction over a resident in Scotland as advised by IDA. Have once again asked for interest to be frozen so i can continue to make payments to them. Still unsure if OH has signed the tomlin order as feel we need time to get CCA and other docs that link were trying to use in court. Is it worth doi
  5. I have today recd a letter back from Elizabeth Jones with a Notice of Discontinuance in relation to case raised within Northampton County court. They are agreeable to the monthly repayment of £75.78 in line with disposable income letter sent by CAB. they will monitor the account for these payments and confirm that if default should occur they reserve the right to instruct their Scottish Solicitors to raise proceedings against me for the outstanding amount. . No mandate received and no comment on the interest to be charged. Also as yet no copy of CCA has been recd as neither me nor OH have
  6. I called the court and they have locked my case. They have recd the defences and are returning them to link to dismiss mine and advise them that the case against me cannot proceed as I reside in scotland. will wait for the next barrage. No cca recd yet from them or a mandate for payments to be made regulary to them. All they want is the ccj and charging order.they are not interested in getting any dosh off me. Seemed weird the papers from court as GE Money was not mentioned at all just that we were indebted to Link. I have still not had a letter of assisgnment from GE Money either.I am wonder
  7. I was about to send my cheque back to them today with the default letter on not supplying cca on time and lo and behold they now send me court papers from northampton court. I know i need tosend back as they are out of jurisdiction but can i put all my defenses on the form and reasons why I have not paid yet . This was due to dispute with CLC and ge money over the product supplied. I can only presume noone reads your letters at Link and they are even ignoring the letters sent by CAB. Can anyone suggest how to write back.
  8. My other point is if you do not pay the maintenance fees for 2 years they will repossess even if you still owe GE or other companies. If they take back the product they should pay you for it. this is like saying have your cake and eat it.they will then sell this product to someone else. THEY HAVE BEEN PAID BY THE FINANCE. If they want it back then they should pay you for it. if not why not. Most of us had finance for it that they set up. I understand it is in the small print somewhere but this is not explained to you when you purchase. Thus mis sold it is only when you join a forum like th
  9. The cheque i sent for the cca request has been sent back as i made the payee ge money and it was returned via my ex tome as it was sent to him and not me. they want it payable to them. I cannot see why as Ge money will want this to provide the info. I am sure I read somewhere if i send a cheque tolink thye will apply it to the debt and not request the copy of the credit agreement is this correct. It has now been 12 working days since my letter was sent what can i do now?
  10. I too have gone to TCA and have been passed to the sols in manchester. My loan with GE has been passed to link. I am only just starting to fight them. We were missold and I have a link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/250098-urgent-link-ge-money.html I have sent a letter of misseling to them and even got Inventory solutions to write to them. Some 18 months down the line and they are not budging. Have read many threads all over. Think of this, you buy a new house and it is wrong and you argue over it for 2 years, you refuse to pay the mortgage and it is
  11. I sent a cca request to Link and in the same envelope did what IDA in fife suggested.my reply cameback today:- " As you are aware Link purchased your debt from GE Money on 17.12.09 and as such we do not always hold this documentaion. We have requested a copy of the agreement and the most recent T &C your account was operated under from GE Money and look forward to sending this to you in the near future,however please be advised this can take upto 30 days to provide" Surely they have to have this info. Do i wait for another 30 days and see what they supply. I wonder if it is wor
  12. I used redress last August before joining this forum to reclaim ppi from C1 and recd £4465 off them. I have a balance now of £13368 with Apex for the debt so hope this will not be pursued once it is decreed unenforceable via redress. I have not got a thread for this but I have one for dealing with GE money and link. just waiting to see what Apex and c1 do when it eventually is on credit record as uneforceable.
  13. My agrreement with C1 was from 1999 and just heard back from redress claims today that my agreement is not enforcible as it has 7 breaches.I am hoping to be able to have this debt written off in the near future. Heres hoping...
  14. Some one asked what options are available with c1 if agreement is enforceable. I owed £15600 in may 2008 when my partner left. I sent them disposable iincome and they accepted £19.26 for 6 months and they froze the interest. After 6 months I negotiated again and they accepted my payments. It then went to Apex and they kept the schedule going with nil interest as well. CAB sent last letter for review in december and still they are accepting £52.95 a month and interest is froze. No problems with them. Supply your disposable income and they are easy to deal with. No threats etc and no harrass
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