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  1. Thanks guys Guess thats my only option to ask the Insurer for evidence just checked my policy and it says I am the registered owner and keeper
  2. I honestly cannot remember if they asked this question or not but I wouldnt have lied to them so I'm guessing not? I've had the policy over two years now and it's always been in my name as I really AM the main driver. The policy is paid for in monthly instalments and is paid by direct debit from my own account (account is in my name only as well). Yes it benefits from my NCD as I was insured on a different car prior to this one (and I no longer own the other car and nor did I own it when I started to drive this one) I feel physically sick..... How does one defend the 'assumption' of fronti
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone can give any advice. I have recently informed my insurer of an incident whereby my son drove into the back of another vehicle at a roundabout. The speed was slow (edging forward only) and relatively minor damage to the other vehicle. Upon speaking to the insurer they have informed me that because the V5 was in my sons name and the policy lists me as main driver that the insurance policy may be void. Bit of background history- My son bought a car on HP but only ever made two payments and I have paid ever since (for approx 2 years). He hardly uses the car as he has
  4. Thanks to all for replying- yes it was a parking fine. Apparently this was upped to a clamping order (?) and then as he didnt live here and the letters were returned to sender as I didnt have an address for him at the time, the fine was upped to 150 pounds and then the bailiff was called in and it shot up even further. Rae/ kelcou- by "whats going on in the background' I refer to what actions are being taken now as I doubt this is all going to stop after informing the bailiff he doesnt live here The problem is, he's just hopping from friend to friends and doesnt have a permanent address so
  5. Thanks Rae. The bailiff never called on the Saturday, as mentioned in the letter, after speaking to my son.... But its what's happening in the background that worries me By the way will a 'black mark' be placed on my property because of this, even though the debt isnt mine?
  6. My stooopid son ignored his car fines and associated letters from courts. As a result bailiffs were then called in and I got a letter (hand delivered) the door from a bailiff. Son no longer lives here so I rang him and he asked me to open the letter. It stated that bailiff would call back the next day to remove his goods for public auction. Fine has risen from 152 pounds to over 420 pounds as a result.... is this normal/legal The bailiff works for Marsdens but there is no reference as to what costs are made up from. Son phoned bailiff to say he no longer lives here and has no goods in our pr
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