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  1. Hello, I just sold iPhone 3gs 16 gb black for £280 on eBay and the buyer has sent me the money but my available balance in my account is zero and my pending balance is 280. I called paypal and they said once the buyer receive the phone and leaves a positive feedback the money will be released. I am getting worried that paypal won't release the money. Can anyone help is it a fraud? And how can I protect myself? I really really need the money for car insurance
  2. I paid about 1900 pounds in charges and I am full time student only with a part time job and because I went over they took alot of money off me in bank charges, I can remember 195 at one time and that me overdrawn again because they took this. I took it to the financial ombudsman but they said since the bank have offered me to pay it at 10 pounds a month because am in hardship, but that's not the point I want the money back and I want to take them to a small claims court. If anyone can help? Thank you
  3. Hi, Can anyone give me some advice how to take your bank to a small claims court in Scotland. The financial ombudsman never done good, I was offered a reduce settlement option and I've hit a brick wall and don't know where to go. Thank you
  4. hello, I am currently a student who opened two bank accounts for an overdraft, One is lloyds tsb and the other is bank of scotland. I have paid £900 in bank charges to lloyds tsb and £800 to bank of scotland. The bank of scotland have sent it to a debt company and I have no money to pay them back at the moment, I took an overdraft thinking i never had to pay it back until i finished university. I really hate banks. I been stress alot because of theses debts. I took Lloyds Tsb to the financial ombudsman and i recieved there final decision and they said since Lloyds Tsb gave me an option to pay £10 a month to reduce the overdraft I am not getting a refund. Now, I've hit a brick wall. What should I do? I am very poor student who earns under £6000 a year and they expected me to pay £10 a month, when they charged me over £190 a time because i went overdrawn by £100, and the bank of scotland have sent the debt to a company and they are chasing the debt, now. I am going to be a chartered accountant and I can't afford to get a CCJ against me. Please help I really need some good luck in my life.
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