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  1. thanks for your feedback guys, was very constructive. i'll sleep on it or try to. its not the best time to start looking for a job at the momement but chin up! brb i have not heard of a compromise agreement, i'll certainly look into that. thanks again
  2. honeybee13 yes i have been suspended on full pay, i'm not the type of person to hang around and feel that this is not going my way at all. i thought that if i resign then i could move on and put this mess behind me. i have just read that it would show on my reference as "resigned under investigation" so i guess im done either way!
  3. brb i understand that completely. I could understand if this was a cashier who failed to follow process, but this is another manager who is in a trusted position of authority whos main day to day job is to manage all counter transactions.. a process was put in place and clearly ignored!
  4. i have contacted union who will be sending in post so i should have it in the next few days. i was thinking of options of leaving and wondered what impact that would have on my previously perfect reference
  5. honeybee13 i am waiting for a copy of the policy to be sent to me as i was not allowed back in branch.
  6. re bigrebus msg i'm responsible for risk and control overall for the branch, however my argument is that its impossible for me to oversee each transaction. The assiss manager saw the transaction the following day on a report but did nothing about it. it was never brought to my attention until fraud startd there investigation
  7. Hi i have been reading through the forum and was hoping that someone may be able to help. i have been working for a high street bank and found myself being invited to an informal meeting today regarding a large fraudulent transaction that occured in my branch earlier this year. i had nothing to do with the transaction which the company are fully aware of, but i have been interviewed today and been suspended for negligence and failure to follow process. I am waiting for the investigation notes to come through so that i can start to build my case. The issue lies with a new assis m
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