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  1. I paid the CCJ amount £855, the CO was for £1,399. Are they two separate fees then? Thank you
  2. Hi I've been able to get the details from my OR. Since both the interim charging were made final prior to the BO date the debts have to be paid. Last year I receive a CC order to pay £855 to the county court which turns out to be the same reference as one of these charging orders, (the total charging order is for £1,399). I paid the money. Does that mean that I have paid some of the £1,399 or is that only the court payment. Confused!
  3. Hi Andy It says (25.06.2006) equitable charge created by an interim charging order of B... County Court dated 11 June 2007 in favour of HSBC Bank plc Note: Copy filed And similar for HTC Bank
  4. Hi I've scoured through the previous posts to see if anyone has the same issue as me but didn't find anything thats close to my issue. I'm about to sell my house and have obtained my Title Deeds which have two interim charging orders, one for HSBC (in 2007) which I am aware of the amount and one for HFC (2008) which I have no clue who they are or what the original debt was for. I was made bankrupt in 2010 and added all of my debts to the bankruptcy papers, I believed that this included HSBC and HFC (whoever they were at the time). I have no paper work for either of them or
  5. Ok I will look into this and reply back to this thread for future reference. Many thanks for your time and help
  6. I will check with them, thanks. Yes that's correct it was sold on to a different claimant. Does that make a difference with the CCJ and getting it removed from my records as it has been over six years.
  7. Thanks for responding dx100uk I believe I did include them. Is there a way I can check. I got a warrant of control in June to pay before the bailiffs called at my property. I paid some intending to pay the rest this month.
  8. Can anyone advise please I was made bankrupt in 12/2010 satisfied in 12/2011. I have previous ccj's 2007 & 2008, and I am being chased by HM Courts & Tribunal Services to pay the courts. I have made some of the payments but still owe an outstanding balance . I have read on this and other sites that all ccj's previous to the bankruptcy will be overturned. Is this correct and how do I go about removing the ccj's from my credit report. Thanks
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