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  1. I was always unsure how much gas and electricity we were using as a family, especially with the costs nowadays. Got sent a link to EnergyAverage.co.uk by a family friend at the weekend, which let me compare our gas and electicity consumption with other homes across the country. Gas usage was just less than the average, but electricity usage was a good bit higher. All I need to do now is is persuade the kids that they really are using more than everyone else and could they please switch at least some of their gadgets off when they are finished! Link might be useful to others trying to reduce their outgoings.
  2. It is very unlikely that you would get a phone call from them without receiving a bill from them first of all. If they call back and you are unsure, ask them to send you everything in writing so that you have all the facts. You can also ask for their name and department and tell them that you will call them back via their main switchboard to verify they are for real. Good luck
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