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  1. Sorry im still tracking down all the original tenancy agreements myself.I can answer a few things things though Date you signed new Contract with new LL? 2005, will find exact date What was the fixed term of new LL contract? 1 year Was any deposit required/stated in new Contract? No mention of any deposit in the contract with the new LL Did LA collect your rent for both LLs? No. I paid direct to both LLs Date you vacated property? January this year
  2. I see what you're saying and it makes sense and this is how the original landlord sees it. However I assumed because the new tenancy agreement I signed with the current landlord didn't mention anything about my original deposit..or any deposit, that I would have to go back to the original landlord/lettings agents to get it back?
  3. 6 month tenancy through lettings agents with £685 deposit paid to lettings agents original tenancy extended for another 6 months through lettings agents. new 6 months tenancy signed direct with landlord. another 6 months tenancy signed with landlord. tenancy turns into periodic tenancy for around a year. new landlord buys flat and i sign a new 6 months tenancy. deposit is still held by original lettings agents whereas I assumed it was transferred to the new owner. tenancy turns into periodic tenancy for around 2 years. I give in my 2 months notice. . Hope this clears things
  4. Hi I posted on here few weeks ago but things have moved on and changed.I'll give the timeline first then bring up the issues im currently facing. . Let flat through a estates agents, paid them deposit of £685. estate agents transferred deposit to landlord, landlord transfers deposit back to estate agents who put it in a TDS. Once tenancy expires I sign a tenancy directly with landlord.. Landlord sells flat to new landlord through estate agents with vacant posssesion even though im still there.. Sign new tenancy with new landlords.. . I've since ended my tenancy and am having tr
  5. Thanks thought it might be the case that I'd be out of luck getting anything more than my deposit back. I'll give them a few more days and send the letter as you suggested.
  6. Hi,Wondered if I can get some help. Years ago I paid a deposit to a lettings agency which was then put into a tenancy protetion scheme. My rented property was subsequently sold to new buyers and I had a new tenancy contract direct with them, the lettings agents having nothing to do with it but I assumed my deposit was transfered from them by my old landlord to the new one. I've since left the property and on trying to get my deposit back the new owners have told me they haven't ever seen my deposit and know nothing about it. The lettings company still has it and on me asking for it back a
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