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  1. My neighbour only has one meter. Its all very bizarre. I'm going to contact EDF today to see what the connection status is on both MPANs then try the freeholder.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply but sadly its not that straight forward. The property is a victorian conversion done at least 20 years ago. There is only my ground floor flat and one above. Upstairs has their own elec meter inside their property although interestingly today I found out they've been in heated discussion with their supplier for years over them insisting the flat has 2 MPAN numbers which I cant help but think is connected to my lack of one! I'm 100% sure my property does not have an elec meter this has been backed up by an electrician friend who took a baffled look at my supply and told me in comes into the flat straight into the board then onto the fuse box. My gas meter is fine, its inside my flat and records only my use.
  3. Hi I've owned my flat for over 5 years. When I first moved in I was unable to find the elec meter so tried to contact the previous owner through his solicitor. Unsurprisingly they received no reply from the client. At the time I contacted two suppliers both of who were unable and uninterested in helping as my address didn't exist on their system and so no MPAN could be found. I am now thinking of selling and would like to get this sorted, heavens knows quite how I managed to buy the property without anyone realising the meter problem. Anyway I seem to be stuck in a catch 22 and have no idea where to start and what kind of trouble I may be getting myself into. The freeholder is the local council who I believe did the conversion in the first place. Coincedently I've never had a water bill either, when I called Thames Water when I first moved in they said the property wasn't on the system so my rates must be paid through my service charge but I've checked my lease and statements and there's no mention of inclusive water rates. Gas is fine! Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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