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  1. Hi slick, It showed £23 overdrawn, I don't understand it either. There have been no other charges applied only that one:confused: Thanks TG
  2. Hi Slick, I have wrote to them but at the moment no joy, I am not showing a default only arrears albeit 6 months:eek:. I can't understand the £22 charge as it was this that triggered the arrears, to be honest it came from nowhere??. Unfortunately because of of this no one will touch in terms of a mortgage:(, I have read the letter that someone drafted on here regarding unfair charges so I may try that tack. I will ask them to explain it. Many thanks TG
  3. HI, Thanks for replying, I have looked at the statements they sent me and it appears that the £22 charge has been on since September. They did not inform me nor were there any other charges, it was this charge that kicked in the arrears on my credit file. I have asked them to remove it but they state they won't due to the information being factual, they have made an error in my judgement by applying the charge. If I had noticed I would have settled the total bill immediately. I have told them that I will take it further as I am not happy with the charge that they applied.
  4. Hi, Sorry it should say settled..I only paid it off last week so it may take some time. The only reason it showed as arrears was due to £22 pound charge. I have been monitoring my credit file and the account was showing as 'satisfactory' until this charge was applied. I hope this makes things clearer. Thanks TG
  5. Hi thanks for the reply, I thought that I had paid the overdraft off and closed the account, obviously not though. When Barclays came back and stated I was liable I paid the debt in full and made sure I closed the account. The amount accrued over that time was charges and interest, I did not receive any letters of concern or phone calls or any terms and conditions when Barclays took over the Woolwich. The debt should now show as satisfied but its still on my credit file. Thanks TG
  6. Hi, I had a woolwich account that I thought I had closed in 2004, it since transpired (through my credit file) that I was actually in arrears by 6 months. I thought I had closed the account and when I still received mail I thought it was junk!, I am always getting things asking me to apply for credit cards etc.. When I found this out I immediately went to Barclays to sort this out, they said do not pay contest it to which I did. I had a reply from them sending copies of statements showing that when the Woolwich transfered to Barclays I was infact over my overdaft limit by £11.00
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