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  1. I have an 8 yr old vectra. Full service history, major services before long journey, properly looked after etc. In Feb the car started to become very sluggish, reckoned it had something to do with the sparks so took it into the local dealership to be serviced. The replaced the sparks and coil £180- 2 weeks later the immobiliser went (aparently) they chaged for investigations only to find the battery in the key had gone. £180 9 days later I had a steering fluid leak £180- due to the jubilee clip cutting the steering fluid pipe. I had the steering rack changed in 2008, no leaks, no services picked up on slow leaks and the second I got home from the coil replacement the next day there was a pool of steering fluid. Took it back to vauxhall and they fixed the leak by replacing the pipe. Next thing the brake pads were flagged and the brake pipes were 'badly corroded' both pads and pipe were replaced. £395. Massive knocking noise - but I was on holiday so I couldnt take it in for repairs MOT'd the car today (i told them to check outthe knocking)- its failed because the brake pipes are 'badly corroded' despite vauxhall charging me to have them replaced. The MOT guy said they had merely been greased to hide the corrosion. I took the car to vauxhall, they charged me a 'goodwill fee' of £108 instead of the £180 to replace the pipes. However the job only took 2.5 hours, despite the MOT guy saying to should take 4-5hours. They told me vauxhall have 'clipped the pipes to the underside of the car' yet the pipes were right inside the underside of the car. theyve promised to look into the knocking noise stating it may be the anti-roll cage and since they were the last ones in the car theyd fix it. But it looks like Im gona get charged for it. What can I do - when I tried to complain about the steering fluid pipe and how it could just 'suddenly leak' I was given a 15 minute introduction to the uses of jubilee clips and the complaint today was a nightmare. They completely didnt understand why I was angry. I asked how they had charged me to do the repairs and it was complete waffle coming formt he manager. where do I stand on this thing, I genuinely think vauxhall have made the work for themselves and form what the MOT guy said he would be concerned with allowing them to do any further repairs on the car. Ive spent nearly £900 in 112 days on a car that was maybe 95% before they got it. Now its knocking, rattling, sluggish and always showing the engine warning light.
  2. weve no AA, but through rescuemycar.com these guys were sent out to recover us - so if I ring for a mechanic, theyre gona show up!!
  3. I popped my car in to get fixed on Friday and was offered a courtesy car because they were struggling with the level of cars they had and were adamant they couldnt touch my car until Monday - to be honest the lure of a 'free courtesy car' sold me on the lengthy time of repair. Took the courtesy car (husband driving) it was a 1998 Rover 214, 1.4. They literally handed us the keys and told us to be on our way. In my naivity I did not check the car out (assumed incorrectly the car would be fit for purpose) we drove to the local petrol station (about 3 miles down the road) on an empty tank - by the time we opened the cap to put petrol in the cap had stuck shut - after about 20mins fighting with it the cap, the tank let out a massive hiss. 16 miles later, with heavy steering, knocking, shaking and the car slipping in and out of gears itself (its a manual car!!) we got home. I walked around the car to inspect it and found bumps, scratches, and a frigging flat tyre. Back in the car again and went straight to our petrol station (about 1/3 of a mile away) and pumped up the tyre (thought it was a flat - just wanted to check - its not!) the tyre was at 7 psi!!!! How can this be roadworthy?! and where do I stand on a complaint? The bloody car is a death trap - thankfully the one thing that actually works are the brakes. We're petrified in the car that its going to fall apart!! Even though we pumped the tyre up we still have: The clutch is dodgy the rear wiper broken the mirrors dont adjust gearstick drops/pops out of 5th when driving audible rattling, shaking, and knocking noises over 30 mph and there was no owner manual to check tyre pressure level (i just pumped it up to 28) I cant believe this is an actual car available to the public - AND the insurance states should we have an accident thats our fault we have to pay £1000 excess - the cars not even worth £400! (car spotter) Im not the best driver (or passenger) in the world (just passed a few months ago) but no word of a lie Im petrified in this courtesy car. I genuinely think its a death trap. Please give me some advice - under the Road Traffic Act the car is the car unroadworthy? and is there any law where a courtesy car should meet a required minimum standard. Its to be returned on Mon, so would love some advice before then!!
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