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  1. My boss at work keeps telling me to apply for an AMEX corp card so that my travel expenses at work can be charged to it rather than me have to keep asking for advances before I travel. The thing is I am in a DMP and have not told my work about this. If I was to apply would this be a problem with the DMP company(cccs) and also would amex run a credit check on me like a normal card application or is it different because its a company card? Its a bit stressful & embarassing so any help or info is much appreciated. thanks
  2. thanks vjohn82. do you think that the bank would be likely to honour these cqs - its A&L
  3. Hi there, I recently had to default on pd loans due to change in circumstances. ( girlfriend moved out ) at the time asked bank to cancel card and reported some cqs missing. my bank has issued a new card and put a stop on all cqs issued that were presented. Now the bank has contacted me to ask if 3 cqs issued to pd loan company are genuine. I had asked the pd loan company not to bank the cqs and requested time to put a payment plan together. However they banked all 3 but now i'm not sure what to tell the bank. please can anyone help? thanks in advance
  4. these charges are very high and fast. I read on the forum that you can cca a company to stop or dispute charges. Would this help given these circumstances? Thanks in advance forum mates!
  5. i picked up the hardship pack. Its a info sheet asking for completed I&E form, aletter from a doctor or employer to support change in circumstances, 2 months bank staements and copies of any bills paid that do not show on the bank statements. Only on receipt of this info will they decide if they can accept an offer or pass me to onto their collections team. Please can you advise me on next steps? thanks
  6. is the employer right when they say that the House of Lords ruling is a test case and that they still are deducting annual holiday allocation due to sickness?
  7. I had to get a part time job approx 5 years ago to help with my finances. (The hours fit well into my main job which is mon-fri 9-5) Due to shift changes at the p/t job my hours were changed from 3on 3 off (4hours per day) to sat + sun (7 hours per day) effective from May 09. Due to an injury I was signed off by the hospital specialist from Jun09 to mid Nov(apprx 22 weeks). When I returned in Nov, the HR dept adv that they would put relocate me in a smaller work area to assist my return to work for 3 months and that I would report to the line manger for this smaller dept and monthly reviews would take place to see how I was progressing. I thought this was a good idea and accepted. The first review only happened after 6 weeks and during this review I asked for how much holiday I was entitled to as I was becoming concerned that vacation had to be taken by the end of March. My temp line manger advised that she would check with HR and get back to me. More time passed and I decided to contact HR myself as I had heard nothing back. Anyway HR advised that it was my line manager that should work out and allocate my holiday. I finally received a call advising me that I was entitled to 9 days for the year because I did not get holiday whilst out sick. I was really concerned at this because the HR dept at my main job had advised all employees that you DO accrue holiday for the whole year even if you are on long term sick. I decided to call ACAS and gave them the exact dates of my sickness amd also the holiday allocation for a normal year with my company seniority. ACAS advised that I was entitled to 12 days which is 3 more than I have been given. I tried to talk to my line manager about this and ....yes , you guessed it....... she told me to contact HR because she was only going by the employee handbook which was printed in Apr 09. I called HR and tried to explain the situation and was advised that they aware of the House of Lords case but this was a test case and that I had to abide by the rules in Employee handbook due to what I had signed in my contract of employment to go by company policy. The company allocated my 9 days over the last few weekends and I am due to return to work next Sat but I believe that I am still owed 3 days vacation. I'm so sorry for such a long e-mail but any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks you. Anyway the
  8. does anybody have experience from dealing with money shop & does the hardship package have to be filled out rather than a normal I&E? Thanks
  9. even though these high charges are in the terms, could they be challanged?
  10. Unfortunately I have not got the funds in the bank to pay the 600 payday loan with money shop. They banked 2 of the 6 cqs and I delivered a letter to the shop advising change of circumstances and requesting 28 days to put forward a repayment plan. So far the branch has called a few times and now the head office is calling me too. I talked to the head office today and they advised that i would be charged 25 pounds for each of the 2 cqs banked so far and they would continue to bank and charge me for the returned cqs until I had filled out a Hardship application pack that could be collected from the local branch. They also advised that depending on their assessment of my details on the Hardship application that they may not accept my future offers of payment. Please can anyone assist me on the best way to handle? Thanks
  11. Please could anyone help or advise on this payday loan firm? I had a payday loan with 1month for 150 and roll over fee of 45. Unfortunately, due to change in circumstances I could not pay the roll over fee of 45 on 26 Feb. I wrote to 1 month asking for 28 days to try and and put a payment plan together and also that I may need to talk to a DMP company like cccs. 1month e=mailed me back saying that their terms say that they would not allow a dmp but that I should contact them to make a repayment schedule directly with them. Well, its only 19th march today and I received a letter from 1 month saying that balance was now 296 !! (thats an increase of 101 in 20 days?? I called them today and they advised that charges will continue to be added until I arrange a repayment plan but no dmp. Has anyone had a similar dealing with these guys? Thanks in advance
  12. This is a quote from PM Gordon Brown today. Does this mean that high interest payday loans will be affected too? hope so "And never again should banks and credit card companies encourage you to borrow more than you can realistically repay." Mr Brown went on: "There will also be new regulations and guidelines to stop irresponsible and unaffordable lending and there'll also be new cooling off periods for consumers offered new credit. Lenders that don't comply will face tough sanctions, like having their licences revoked."
  13. these cheque loans were taken out at the local shop/branch. Please can anyone advise if its best to deal with the local shop or try and contact head office? Also is it best to call or deliver a letter explaining circumstances and asking them to freeze charges? Thanks - geez this so stressful.
  14. thanks for the template. Some of these creditors are payday loan companies ( payday uk, wageday adavance and money shop) Do you know if they would be likely to freeze interest as i think it may take some time to pay these guys back - maybe 8 to 10 months. thanks
  15. Hi everyone, I have some credit cards and a few payday loans that I can't afford to pay (even the interest and roll over fees) due to a change in personal circumstances. I wrote to my creditors asking for 28 days whilst I try and put a repayment plan together and also requesting that they hold off on interest and charges. I need to contact them again with an offer but not sure what info to send to all creditors. Do they need to see all other debts by name or just under categories like prioity debts , and other creditors. Sorry if this seems a daft question but am new to this and any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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