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  1. Pants have been dropped and 65 smackers paid. Thank you for the responses.
  2. It was a plumbing job. I ended up going to another job that was more urgent and returned another day via access at the rear.
  3. Hers the update: My challenge to the ticket was: " I believe that I was not in contravention of an order as I was driving a commercial vehicle within the zone for the purposes of loading and was therefore compliant with the road warning sign at the beginning of the zone ". They have rejected the challenge stating: " I note that you state you were at the location to load/unload, however, i have viewed the CCTV footage and no such activity is seen to be taking place. as mentioned previously, i entered the zone with the intention of parking in a loading bay and unloading, however i missed the bay and had to abort loading from the front. Does anyone know if i my challenge is less valid because i was unable to carry out what i entered the zone for in the first place or does it seem that they have rejected it as a routine procedure on the hope that i don't appeal? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Just in the process of challenging the notice online and this paragraph is on the page. "If your representation is accepted or the notice was issued in error, it will be cancelled and you will not have to pay. If we reject your representation you will have to pay the full fee (the amount will not be discounted)" Really don't want to chance having to pay the full amount, what do you think?
  5. Thanks for replying, i was concerned that if they refuse the challenge then i would end up paying double bubble. I thought that i read somewhere on another post that the council have 21 days to issue the notice, in which case if you include the day of the incident then they issued on the 22nd day. But i might be barking up the wrong tree there.
  6. Dear All, I have received a pcn from harrow council for contravention 53 - failing to comply with a restriction on vehicles entering a pedestrian zone. In Station Road (College Rd - Sheepcote Rd) The road sign stated that you could enter the zone for loading purposes and I was driving a van with the intention of pulling up outside a shop on the street to load tools and materials. As it happened i passed the shop by accident and eventually managed to find a way round to the rear of the premises. Does anyone think that it would be worthwhile challenging the fine on the basis that i was entering the zone for the purposes of loading and therefore would not be in contravention of the order? A couple of further points: 1. If i do challenge, with today being about day 13 of the notice date and am unsuccessful, will i still get the discounted rate? 2. The notice date was the 3-7-14 and the incident was on 12-6-14, did they meet the 21 day requirement? What do you think, should i just pay up and take my medicine? Many Thanks
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