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  1. Yes I agree they are a bunch of unrepeatables. I complained verbally directly to the council officer dealing my case and she said that it would be writen and noted, but your correct, who knows could have been fobbing me off.
  2. Thanks Kelcou, I have dealt with mine and just finished the last payment today (online). I have made 2 official complaints to the council offices about Equita (they also deal with congestion charge non payment - my friend has had dealing with them re this, another nightmare) I really do think something should be done about this awful company. Thanks again and a great site.
  3. I have had the same problem in the past with Equita, they are a nightmare. After a few attempts and tears I managed to speak to the council tax office and they agreed a payment plan with me but I still had to pay via Equita. Try the council office again (mine was Windsor & Maidenhead) be persistant. Keep all your windows & doors LOCKED - DO NOT LET THEM IN. Good luck, there is a way out.
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