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  1. Thanks Pebsham, I do plan to fight it, and will at least seek some legal advice come next week. Mobile call logs will certainly back me up. I just can't understand why, after pointing out his mistake, he still charged me? Easy money? Another mug who will just pay up rather than risk a bigger fine........Makes you wonder .........Oh and the police were at least 50 or 60metres away across 4 lanes of traffic at the time.
  2. I was stopped this morning for apparently driving whilst using a mobile phone. I wasn't, and hadn't even used the phone that morning at all. The officer asked to see my mobile and the call log on it - I obliged - he then told me I had made a call at xx am today. I again said I hadn't used the phone, and asked to see the call he was referring to. The call he was referring to was 24 hours earlier, and there were NO calls in or out this morning. I was then told I was to be charged because he had seen me using the phone. I simply had not used the phone at all, but he did not seem in
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