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  1. Me again, Thanks for the info, you've helped me a little bit. Does it matter if I print off all my statements online or is it still imperitive that I write to my bank asking for a DPA. Been reading that it costs £10 but the thought of giving my bank anymore money doesn't make me a happy bunny!
  2. Hiya I'm posting this thread as I need some advice on something. I currently have a solo card with HSBC and the fact that I'm getting overdrawn with bank charges every month doesn't seem quite right. I thought the main advantage of having a solo card was so that I wouldn't get overdrawn but the fact that every month I'm getting a letter through saying they are going to deduct from my account between £50- £80 cannot be fair. I have been into my bank numerous times saying that I do not want an overdraft facility on my card and for it to be removed with them saying to me every
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