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  1. already has a breakdown , and its mostly trustee charges £9000 1st year and£16000 2nd year for a couple of letters? .
  2. Sorry but this isnt all debts , just trustees fees over 2 years?, they are pushing to get house only because my friend owns their house and works? has been told if they didnt own house this would have been written off, sad indicment this work and buy your home and this is what happens.
  3. Hi Wonder if anybody on this forum can help my friend, approx 3 years ago they had double glazing fitted to their property. which was a shambles they refused to pay and got made bankrupt by firms solicitor, glazing was £6000 which was paid into court but sol fees etc were £2800 which they didnt have ,it was then passed over to trustees who have now made the debt £54000?, as a result of this they are taking my friends house with approx £70000 equity off them , does anybody on here know how this debt can esculate to that ammount legaly , they are on the point of a nervous breakdown?. Any adv
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