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  1. any help in writing a template to judge before the case hearing?
  2. accept MF have no right to audiance however can MF forward questions to LIP reasonably undermines the case to put across to witness?
  3. i meant questioning the witness,(what questions to put forward) is that possible?
  4. offence is for careless driving, problem is accused cannot speak English and never been to a court, i would help him with a written statement to present the court and help him with any cross examinations.
  5. friend of mine is in court for trial,first time in court and wrongly accused of a motoring offence. has no idea of court procedures and unable to afford a lawyer to represent him. i would like to help him through the process and guide him what to say , when and any questions to raise with witness.
  6. Is a McKenzie friend allowed to assist for a motoring summary offence in a magistrate court? I need to write a letter to court to be allowed a McKenzie friend and need help in writing one, any template please?
  7. I’m looking to purchase a used vehicle past manufacture warranty in the near future; some dealers offer various types of aftermarket warranties. Reading about feedback purchasers experienced from these warranties, it seems they are not worth the paper it’s written on. It seems most claim handlers seem to wriggle out with the term “wear and tear”. My question is, are these regulated and referred to an independent adjudicator if things do go wrong if purchased one? Thanks
  8. need some info as to proceed further.. had my appeal considered by the local force and its been partially upheld on certain aspects,. there's no further appeal process. I want to claim my losses and have the appeal reconsidered as I still believe its not been fully investigated. will the next route be small claims?
  9. umm, in that case if payment are made to clear the outstanding balance or alleged default, then vm have to remove the default mark?as the account is no longer in default. Still marking the account as late payments. Any thoughts?
  10. If there's no cca regulated and no default notice applicable, am I correct then vm are incorrect to mark CRA as default as it's incorrect?if so then ICO need to intervene if vm refuse to remove as not within cca act and information incorrectly reporting?
  11. Been digging further in this vm reporting, spoken to a consumer advisor and they give a conflicting explanation, a default notice needs to be served for it to be defaulted and further action taken. Default notice can be issued if a cca is in place in the first place. ICO saying data can be reported as you have consented according to t&c,but once account closed, no longer consent valid. now from the post , if it's a service agreement, then a default notice if any or default marked will be incorrect? or if account is closed, service terminated than ther
  12. if there's no cca 1974 agreement, can they still report to CRA's and mark a default on my report? my account was closed down in may, they carried on reporting late payments and then marking default. i just want it removed from my name as its affecting my credit by lenders' had a very good record and this has just knocked me back, no fault of mine.
  13. Hi, I recently applied for a c/c and was turned down(very surprised). I decided to check my credit file to see everything in order, uprising realized adefault by Virgin Media in my file for £40. I was a customer with vm and terminated my package(giving 30day notice ) with them in may to move on to sky (better deal )and was out of my contract. Services terminated on 10/5/13 and thought account was cleared all up to date. In my credit file they have been marking late payments d,3,2,1,0,0,0,0 etc. Under effective dates it says start date .xx/xx/xx defa
  14. ADMIN thanks for editing the thread title, in my scenario its not even crushed, it was sold/scrapped for a packet of crisps. £5k car under £100
  15. vehicle removed by constabulary under s99, recovery agents sent a standard notice to dispose with no dates marked on letter , letter arrives by recorded post and signed. now interesting bit was I had to respond back within 7 days to arrange collection or contact ,responded back on 7th day of receipt of letter. received letter back saying 'vehicle disposed on xx/xx/xx (which is 3 days after receipt of letter) as no contact was made within the 7 day period as in letter. made contact back and this constabulary period starts the day the letter is generated ( in bla
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