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  1. a while ago i lost my job because the company went into liqudation and i fell into really bad debit trying to repay every thing and started geting harrassed by debt collectors so payed spectrum financial protection to deal with it for me but i am still get loads of phone calls from them is there away which i can force them to make all communication in writing only also last night i had a debt collector from lewis debit services come to my door at about 9pm being very agressive and asking me to make repayment which i replyed that all my financial stuff was being dealt with my spectru
  2. receaved all my back statments to day now sending preliminary aproach for repayment for the sum of £532 can i also claim the intrest incurd during being overdrawn ?
  3. Receaved this respons to my dpa request today (21-7-07) Dear Sir/Madam Completion of Request For List Of Transactions and Charges Thank you for your letter requesting specific information on your account with us. i can confirm that copies of duplicate statements have been orderd and will be send under separate cover. ( what do they mean by sending it under separate cover ) with regard to your request for information relating to manual internvention on your account HBOS plc is under no statutory obligation to record this information and therefore im unable to assist fu
  4. Receaved this letter today (20 July 2006) from abbey and not sure if there trying to stop it being a dpa request there for takeing as long as they want to send it 17 July 2006 Dear Mr Andy T Thanks for your letter dated 05 july 2006, which we reveived on 12 july 2006, requesting infornation on your acount the transactional information you require is available on your system and will be forwarded to you, free of charge, under separate cover. Therefore we return the £10 fee, which is enclosed with this letter you have also asked for details of any "Manual intervent
  5. Receaved a letter today from Miss Katherine Blunt 11th July 2006 Dear Mr Andy T Data Protection Act 1998: Subject Access Request Thank you for your recent letter in which you requested copies of all the statments on your account along with any records of manual intervention i have asked for this information to be provided to me and as soon as i receive it i will forward this on to you in the meantime if you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact me in writing at the following address; Capital One Bank, Legal Department, 4th Floor Loxley
  6. DPA request been deliverd still not sure how to deal with call serve
  7. just hope there debit collectors stay off my back for a while
  8. could some one let me know if i should letter call serve letting them know about my dispute with the above letter ?
  9. get the data protection act subject access request template found here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/516-data-protection-act-subject.html#post2480 and sent it off to your bank with £10 then take it from there and note you can clame back charges up to 6 years in england and 5 years in scotland
  10. good luck manolo im also in scotland and dreading it geting to the courts
  11. Sent data protection act request today :D time for the games to begin
  12. Sent off data protection request today let the fun begin and the debit disapear
  13. Sent off data protection act request today let the fun begin.
  14. i have phoned and spoken to call serve and they told me i had to give them in writing that i was in dispute with the amount owed since i aint very good with letters im wondering if some one could read over this and give me a bit of advice Without Prejudices Dear Sirs As per requested in our telephone call today (5th July 2006) I am writing to you to confirm my intention to dispute the amount of £470.89 owed to your client Abbey National PLC as I feel a large percentage of this is made up of disproportionate penalties against me that I intend to clam back along with all penalty c
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