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  1. Hiya, Not posted on here for quite some time but looking for some advice in how to deal/respond to Motormile Finance. I have today received 4 emails (differing amounts from PTP loans when I was struggling and lost my job) threatening legal assessment by Moriatary Law unless I contact them with 7 days. The last contact I had with MMF was in June 2014 when I sent the template doorstep collection letter then sent the below one. I believe all the debts could be statue barred now (as think they were 2010 but going to double check) and have been working hard to clear my credit file of my other priority debts (credit cards, utility arrears etc) rather than concentrating on the payday loan people and almost back to normal so could really do without anymore black marks on it. Does anyone have any further advice/guidance that maybe useful? Thanks in advance.... I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any other company or organisation that you claim to be representing. I am writing in response to the numerous emails I have received from your company that is practically bordering on harassment even though I have responded to each one individually but then been replied to by your companies generic response. I would question are you not receiving them, if so would suggest you monitor your company email policy more carefully. I request the following from your company : An original copy of the credit agreement you are alleging I owe and statement of account you are alleging All correspondence to be sent to be by post through Royal Mail only Full comments on your company’s breach of the data protection act by giving details of the alleged debt over email without relevant permission Reasons why you believe interest can be added to the alleged debt Reasons why you believe a default can be added to my credit file over this alleged debt Please take further note that I do not wish to make any appointment for a home visit and that I revoke licence under English common law for you or your representatives to visit me at my property and, if you do so, you will be liable to damages for a tort of trespass and action will be taken, including but not limited to, police attendance.
  2. Thanks for advice guys - good to see I am not alone. So do I also report these b*@%*&s to FCA then as they have emailed breaching data protection? Thank god I changed my number a couple of years ago as they seem to hound with the calls & texts. When I look back on my emails I have replied to their generic address on 3 occassions (not acknowledging the debt) but asking them to confirm further details and also sending template regarding door stop agent calling at my house without appointment. I'm going to draft a complaint letter to them today and send by recorded delivery
  3. Thanks for that Fletch70 - who is the manager then, is it that Rob guy I have seen reference to. I will write to them asap. The amounts aren't quoted in the first correspondence but in the ones snce amount is quoted
  4. I think the last payment was about Sept 2010 (maybe even before) I would have to check back. Also had a seperate email from Motormile saying they will record it with credit ref agency as default at end of month
  5. Hi, Well been a while since my last post on here as I’ve been working hard to get debt free but seemingly some has caught up with me from 4 years ago from a payday loan. I have paid some off to previous company, Clarity but when I went off long term sick from work I took a payment break and to be honest as I was paying that much out at the time (and getting more pressure of other DCA’s) did not restart my Clarity payments. My fault but I haven’t received any correspondence from anyone (since late 2010) until 2 weeks ago – I am now been bombarded with emails from Motormile threatening doorstop collection I replied asking for some further information as all the initial emails just said to call them now I have received a letter from them asking me to make an appointment with them and giving me “advance notice of doorstop collection” Just wondering best way to deal with this now, should I contact them to make token payment then when debt comes statue barred (in about 18 months) make them write it off or are they just scare monger tactics. The thing is I could really do without the hassle of someone turning up on my door, I am caring for my Mum now who is terminally ill and all the stress I went through previously with numerous payday loans I had taken out (even though all except this are settled) almost cost me my marriage. Any advice gratefully received, thanks in advance
  6. Hi All, Not posted for a while. Just to let you know that I defaulted with QQ in Feb 2010 it's with Mackenzie Hall and they have been threatening me for a number of months refusing to accept my payments even though all my other creditors have - I issued a final letter to them saying that basically I was making all reasonable effort to settle the debt and they were unwilling to co-operate so therefore if they were to issue proeedings on me (as they were threatening in every letter which is typed in red and sent in those stupid brown envelopes marked URGENT on) I would be forced to bring to the judges attention the fact that a) I Have made reasonable offers to settle (within my circumtsances) which have been refused and b) I will also be considering issuing a counterclaim against them/QQ for all the interest I have paid during my borrowing periods plus a further claim for all the stress and anxiety they have caused me. I also pointed out the fact that if the numpties at Quick Quid had actually accepted my intial offer back in Feb then the debt would be nearly all clear by now. I have received an email back from their "litigation manager" saying as a gesture of goodwill they will accept my offer of payment for 6 months subject to then be reviewed and giving me their bank details so I can set up a standing order to their account which I have done. It takes time but the main thing is don't let them use their scaremonger tactics....I honestly don't know how some of them there sleep at night. I only actually had 2 telephone conversations with their offices but they were so unpleasent I do not wish for a repeat ever. As with sillygirl I have read lots about them been reported to trading standards in Ayrshire and been investigated so lets hope so, I think I will probably also document my dealings with them to the Trading Standards in writing that way it's towards another black mark. Good luck everyone and stay strong.
  7. Hi guys, Not posted for a while but as with KieranLuke my debt from PTP is with Clarity was passed to them after abot a month or so, I think it was Feb when I defaulted with PTP. I have set up a standing order with them for a much smaller affordable (and manageable) amount each month but they are a whole world easier to deal with. Good luck everyone.
  8. Thanks, I hope you are right. The letter through the post was all in red at the top and came in a brown envelope woth URGENT stamped on the outside rather than a usual white evenvelope. I was wondering what I could to stay them off at least until I get my money a bit more in order. Also I note the CCA's in your signature. Have you managed to get some of your debts wiped? I am trying to do with with some of my credit cards.
  9. Thanks for the advice...lets do this I would imagine there is quite a few £ in charges to claim back. Will the template letters be on here please? Also, can I still do it even though my Capital One is with DCA?
  10. Hey, Any advice would be most gratefully recieved....I have a debt with Cap One and due to circumstance have only made one payment since May. I have CCA'd Cap One and received an agreement (I signed in 2004) which I believe to be unenforceable and I have sent several letters my final one quoting case laws etc and by recorded delivery asking them to wipe the debt and all I am getting is chased for payment off them and their agents even though I have complained to Ombudsman about them. I'm not really sure where to go with it from here. I also have some PPI and charges to claim back from them, should I have done this before CCA'ing them and can anyone offer advice of how to go about this? Thanks
  11. Hi All, I have a debt with Virgin credit card/MBNA and due to circumstance have only made one payment since May. I have CCA'd virgin and received an agreement (I signed in 2004) which I believe to be unenforceable and I have sent several letters my final one quoting case laws etc and by recorded delivery asking them to wipe the debt and all I am getting is their foreign call centre contacting chasing payment. They are denying receipt of my letters even though I have proof of signed for from Royal Mail at their office in Chester, the problem is they don't understand on the phone what i am trying to explain and not really sure where to go with it from here. I also have some PPI and charges to claim back from them, should I have done this before CCA'ing them and can anyone offer advice of how to go about this? Thanks
  12. I have emailed Mackenzie Hall as I don't want to speak to them by phone advising that I am suffering financial difficulties (I have been off sick from work) and I want to make a payment arrangement and have received a very curt reply saying they have complied with their part of the agreeement and if I do not make full payment within 7 days they will apply for a CCJ a letter arrived in the post this morning also to that effect. I am worried now as I cannot afford to pay them in full and don't want a CCJ against me. Why are they so horrible to negotiate with? Any advice on where I go next with this
  13. Thanks for replies. Should I make them an offer of payment then? They are horrible bullys when I try to call them so I've been trying to avoid that. Mark13 how did you deal with them? Thanks
  14. This is the response I have from them and same as previous poster have a threatening letter saying court proceedings with 7 days which I am now at........ Please help McHall.pdf
  15. Hi, Not sure about Wonga but I had one with QQ. Firstly cancel your debit card, tell your bank you have lost it. QQ were prepared to accept installments with me but only over 3 months which I could not afford so it has now gone to a debt collectors Mackenzie Hall.
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