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  1. yes they are charging me. i am sending all the stuff to the IP so that they can deal with things. i've had 2 years of being nagged and harassed by credtors, it's woth the money to make them go away.
  2. Yes i am going bankrupt, and i live in England. The blog listed on here has all the details. thanks
  3. for anybody who is interested i've started a blog Going Bankrupt i will try and update this every chance i get with events, etc. if anybody has any comments i'd love to hear them
  4. i think i may have confused you ! MBNA have told me that they have sold the debt, they sent a letter in Feb 2010 (after i'd written to them several times). But Cap Quest tell me it was sold to them in June last year, but MBNA can't / won't / don't want to send me the copy of the letter that tells me that ! i just wondered if they could sell my details on without ever telling me ?
  5. thanks i will do ! if they can't or won't produce the documents what then ? my original complaint is that Crap Quest are hasseling me for this debt, and MBNA have never written to me and told me that this has been sold to MBNA !
  6. no, i specificially asked them if they were unable to produce the documents that they tell me they couldn't ! i think they think they are being clever by not saying no they can't ! all i get is they are computer generated and the file summary will suffice. yes the letter i sent was similar and asked specifically for items to be produced, i even numbered them so that they could refer to them directly. should i also contact the other person who's details i have been sent to inform him ?
  7. just recived a letter back, they have sent me nothing extra. they state that as most of the letters are computer generated they can't reproduce them, but the fact that they show up on the file is sufficient ? they claim they know nothing about PPI but will refer that to the relevant department ? and they still have not supplied the default notice, the NOA, all the statements. they have apologised for sending me somebody else's letter and thank me for pointing that out to them ! they close by saying that they have now answered all my points, and if i'm not happy i sho
  8. what should i be asking them for ? i'm trying to make sure i get the wording correct, and also to make sure that i get all i need ? also, what am i supposed to do with the letter from somebody else ?
  9. Hi i recently SAR'd MBNA and sent my £10 off to them. what i got back was a load of computer print outs and a copy of a letter i'd send, a copy of a letter they'd sent, and a copy of a letter sent my somebody else about a totally different account (nothing to do with me) there was no default notice deed of assignment or anything else like that ? what should i do now ?
  10. could anybody give me some advice please, as CrapQuest are now back on the case demanding proposals within 14 days. at this point i'm not even sure if i should be dealing with them or MBNA ?
  11. does anybody have any suggestions on what my next move is ? thanks
  12. right, got my info from MBNA. it consists of pages and pages of stuff from their computer system (all coded - but they do give a list of codes to explain it). there is 1 or 2 letters from them there is 1 letter from me and there is 1 letter from a total stranger who has nothing to do with me so, help please. should this have contained: copy of default ? copy of termination ? copy of assignment to cap quest ? anything else ? also, what should i do about the copy of the letter from somebody else they have sent me ? should i contact the other person and info
  13. letter send with Postal Order in it ! now seeing as 12 days took 9 months, i hate to think how long 40 days will take.....
  14. so how should i respond to the "i would like to advise you of the prescribed 12 day rule within the Consumer Credit Act 1974(6) (b). This rule was abolished from 26th May 2008 and it is no longer an offence if we do not comply with the 12 days of your request" comment ? especially as i waited for 9 months for them to reply ?
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