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  1. As regards OD charges , I would say so yes, but they claimthe £75 is to cover that.
  2. The account is an overdraft on a current account. I wrote the the bank in June to tell them of my current unemployment, I wrote several times and this fell on deaf ears as I continually received demands for the whole sum. With no further communication to me they referred it to the Moorcroft group, and after contacting them in writing we were finally able to agree a sum of £20 per month. I received a letter from moorcroft last week stating that they were no longer responsible for the account and it was being reffered back to LTSB, this is worrying for me now as I have no information as to wh
  3. Thanks. The account has been closed for some time as I have had a great deal of trouble with this bank. It most probably be easier to send payments by cheque to the local bank along with a letter asking for clarification?
  4. Hi, I need a little advice (again) please. My current account with overdraft has now been referred back to LLoyds TSB bank and now I'm worried. Does this mean I will be charged interest etc again? Moorcroft agreed to accept £20 per month and this has been ongoing for the last few months. My main question now is where do I send my payment of £20 which is due on 4th November? - local branch of LTSB??
  5. Thanks I'll have to check for the agreement start date. Why are they not allowed to enforce it if its pre 2007? I appreciate your advice as this problem is getting me down.
  6. I'd like to update. I sent a letter weeks ago basically demanding that they refund charges applied to my account that they had pushed up to £541.84!!!!! My online account had been suspended and I could not have access to it. However, I have had several phone calls which I have ignored asking me to phone them to "discuss" my account which I will not do because I simply do not trust them. Furthermore,I was about to SAR them and I checked yesterday just to see if I could access my online account and I could AND charges had been refunded! They credited £180, and then a fu
  7. Thank you miss muppet. I'm just getting to the stage now where I am sick to death of dealing with them. It's not that difficult to review someones circumstances and agree a different payment plan surely.
  8. Hi I must confess i'm confused with this account. I'm really not sure where I stand now this has been going on for too long. They told me I would receive an answer to my complaint by 13th September 2011- I'm still waiting for a response. They stated in writing that they had 'lost' - yes LOST by credit agreement but argued that the stsement of account is enough to enforce my paying them. Don't get me wrong I have every intention of paying my debt but this situation is ridiculous. I checked my account today online and found that my access to this account had been stopped. When I wrote
  9. Thanks for that, I think I will send my letter to chief executive.
  10. .... spoke to soon capital one bank are ringing again
  11. To make a long story short I have a LTSB overdraft which is over £2000, and a credit card with them of £3500.I have had lots of problems with this bank over the last 2-3 years but I'm going to give you a brief outline of the scenario. Last year LTSB LOST my payments on my credit card, they'd put my money in their holding account and basically said I hadn't paid my bill! I wrote and I sent proof that I'd paid, even sent my bank statement (other details blanked out of course), they decided it wasn't good enough. I asked my other bank COOP to provide me with proof of the transactions which t
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